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Bedroom storage with hanging clothes, shoes and bags.

Design your home storage solutions

The home storage solution to suit your space is just a click away.

How to use the storage planner

Select the room you’re designing your storage solution for, and add the dimensions of the room.

Lugna planner step image, create your room.

Add doors, windows and power points within your room, to design your storage solution around your existing space.

Lugna planner image, add your room elements.

Filter by the desired colour finish, depth, width and height of the cabinet and add the product/s to your room by clicking the product. You can move the cabinets around the room by dragging the cabinet.

280mm depth cabinets suit books and entertainment storage, 380mm depth cabinets suit stacks of clothes and 580mm depth cabinets suit hangers and wardrobes.

Lugna planner image, add your cabinets.

Select the cabinet you want to add elements to, and add doors, drawers, shelves and rails to your cabinets. Products displayed on the left panel once you have selected the cabinet will suit the depth, height and width.

Lugna planner image, design your cabinets.


Save your room, and review the products. You can export your product list via CSV or PDF to bring in store to our special orders team, or order online.

Lugna planner image, save and review your room.

Complete your space with our wide range of products