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D.I.Y. planners and calculators

Use our helpful planner and calculator tools to assist in your home D.I.Y. projects. From figuring out how much flooring you need, to planning and visualising a new kitchen layout, we've got you covered!

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Plan your next project

Kitchen planner

Your dream kitchen is now just a click away. Use our planner to find inspiration, compare your options, and plan the perfect kitchen layout.
Renovated kitchen featuring white cabinetry and grey benchtops.

Storage Planner

The home storage solution to suit your space is just a click away. Plan the perfect layout, find inspiration, explore finishes, and mix and match cabinets to get the perfect result.
Bedroom storage with hanging clothes, shoes and bags.

Flooring calculator

Use our online flooring calculator to help determine the cost of flooring your home.
Kitchen with timber floorboards.

Paint calculator

You can save yourself time and money by taking the time to plan your next paint project.
Person pouring paint into a tray.

Decking oil and stain calculator

Get on top of your regular deck maintenance by taking the time to plan your next coating.
Using a deck applicator to oil a deck