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Our Price Guarantee
Wide shot of carpark and store entrance
Accessible parking is available at the entrance of most of our stores.


Toilet signage in store
Most of our stores have accessible toilets, as well as baby change tables.
Bunnings TM loading items into a car out the front of a Bunnings store
We offer a carry-to-car service for customers who need assistance loading items into their car.
D.I.Y. Workshops provide free interactive information sessions for customers; everyone is welcome.

Our Click & Deliver service allows customers to purchase items online and have the items delivered to their door.

Car park with click and collect signage
Our Drive & Collect service enables customers to order online and collect their items from their local Bunnings store. This is a contact-free process, allowing customers to stay in their car while our friendly team loads their items.
Escalators at the store entrance
Multi-levelled stores are equipped with escalators and elevators. This ensures our stores are ability-friendly and accessible for everyone.


Shot of the entrance with all the trollies lined up 
We provide trolleys for customer use, including trolleys with baby seats to ensure child safety.

Most of our stores have wheelchairs and wheelchair/mobility trolleys available. Please speak to our friendly team if you require this during your visit.

Person holding a phone with a store map on it as they walk down an aisle.
The Bunnings Product Finder App helps customers to plan their visit to our stores. The App provides descriptions of each item, including aisle and bay numbers, to ensure all of our customers can be prepared and feel confident navigating through our stores.