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Ideas, inspiration, D.I.Y. advice and much more

The Bunnings magazine is packed with inspiration and advice to help refresh your home and garden. From discovering new trends and styling ideas, to gardening tips and planting guides, you’ll find something to kick-start your next project!

NZ - Autumn cover spread

This month's issue

We’re celebrating our biggest Bunnings magazine yet in a special bumper issue that covers all things summer and Christmas! Use our expert tips to transform your deck into a vibrant sanctuary, make the path to your doorstep an inspirational journey, plan your outdoor lighting scheme, create a resilient garden and install a water tank! There’s also plenty of decorating advice with the latest summer trends and pro techniques to help you master painting. Our Christmas booklet features a beautiful seaside festive celebration, with gorgeous and uncomplicated DIY decorations along with a modern take on a tree. Plus there’s gift ideas for everyone and every budget, and a helpful planner to ensure your home is perfectly prepped in time for December 25. Here's to a summer filled with love, laughter, and endless inspiration!

Bunnings summer magazine for 2023 in tilted format with background of kids play area

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