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What is Bunnings Neighbourhood?

Bunnings Neighbourhood is a growing online community of our Bunnings customers. As a member of Bunnings Neighbourhood, you have the opportunity to help shape and improve how we do things, simply by completing short online surveys.
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Why join the Neighbourhood?

As a member, you will…

  • Have a chance to have your say and share your experiences, which will help us improve our customer experience.
  • Be helping us create an even better Bunnings!
  • Receive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks – you’ll hear what we’re working on before anyone else.
  • Quickly earn points which can be easily redeemed for Bunnings vouchers for use across all products, in-store

We are always happy to help a Neighbourhood member.

Please email us at neighbourhoodnz@bunnings.co.nz with your question(s) and we will be in touch shortly to help. Alternatively, see some commonly asked questions below.

We can’t say thank you enough to all our customers that join and participate in the community. To show our appreciation, our members have the opportunity to receive Bunnings vouchers to use on any in-store purchase.

Through completing our surveys and polls, you can earn points which are put towards receiving a Bunnings gift voucher. Any points you earn are automatically added to your account to when completing a survey – there’s no extra step required from you.  

10 points = $1

When you have 100 points, you will be sent a $10 Bunnings voucher.  

At the end of each month, Bunnings Neighbourhood team will identify those who have $10 worth of points or more. The Bunnings Neighbourhood team will email a gift voucher of that amount to those members. right to serve our customers tomorrow and into the future.

Bunnings Neighbourhood - Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

In these Membership Terms:

New Zealand Consumer Law means all laws and regulations including the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA);

Confidential Information means all confidential information and includes (a) information about Bunnings or its products that is not known to the general public and includes information in any medium (whether oral, written, stored electronically or digitally) provided in connection with the Project; and (b) Responses provided in connection with the Project;

Responses means all content provided by a Member for the purposes of the Project, and includes any statement, document, email, form or notes created in connection with the Project; and all audio, audio visual or photographic recording of images, words, names, information, gestures, sounds or statements of Members recorded in connection with the Project;

Join Now Survey means the application survey and record of personal details submitted by a person applying to be a Member;

Bunnings means Bunnings Limited.

Member means a person who has been accepted for membership of the Project;

Membership means a Member's involvement of the Project;

Membership Terms includes this document and all documents incorporated by reference;

Project means Bunnings Neighbourhood established by Bunnings to survey the opinions of customers and/or Members for market research purposes;

2. Membership

2.1 To become and to remain a Member, you must:

be 18 years of age or over;
live in New Zealand;
apply to become a Member by completing and submitting to Bunnings the Join Now Survey;
have an active, permanent and operational email address to communicate with Bunnings for the purposes of the Project;
be accepted as a Member by Bunnings;
regularly participate in at least one in four surveys or discussions in which you are invited to take part, not including the Join Now Survey; and
comply with these Membership Terms.

2.2 Membership numbers are limited. Bunnings may accept or reject a Membership application in its absolute discretion at any time and without giving reasons. If your application for Membership is unsuccessful or if your Membership is revoked, you may reapply for Membership at any time. Membership is personal to you and cannot be transferred to another person.

2.3 You may cancel your Membership by sending an email to NeighbourhoodNZ@bunnings.co.nz and inserting the words "Request Removal" in the subject line. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of Bunnings Neighbourhood emails.

2.4 By becoming a Member, you consent to receiving emails from Bunnings in connection with the Project, including emails inviting you to participate in research.

2.5 Bunnings may provide you with Confidential Information. You agree not to disclose or use any of Bunnings Confidential Information in any way other than as necessary to participate in the Project. You may only disclose Responses for the purposes of the Project.

2.6 Bunnings may, at its discretion, provide you with Bunnings products as part of your participation in the Project. You agree that your participation in the Project is voluntary and that, other than an opportunity to participate in Project-related promotions run by Bunnings or receive incentives through completing surveys and polls, you will not receive remuneration or reward from Bunnings for your participation in the Project.

2.7 You must not make any false, misleading or fraudulent statement or become involved in any conduct or activity which may cause loss, damage or diminish the reputation of you, Bunnings or its products.

2.8. Expression of membership will be considered based on current membership numbers and at our absolute discretion.

3. Termination

3.1 Bunnings may, at its absolute discretion, suspend or terminate with immediate effect: (a) all or any part of the Project; or (b) your Membership, immediately by giving you notice for any reason (including if you breach the ongoing requirements of these Membership Terms).

4. Participation

I understand that in order to receive my incentives (as detailed in the FAQs) each month I must continue to participate as described below.

4.1 Participating in Bunnings Neighbourhood means participation in at least one in every four activities in which you are invited to take part in.

4.2 If the above Participation condition is not met, I acknowledge that I may be removed from Bunnings Neighbourhood due to inactivity.

4.3 Bunnings may change these terms & conditions from time to time. If this happens, Bunnings will post the changed terms & conditions on online community, together with a notice on the homepage to notify me that the terms & conditions have changed. I acknowledge that my continued use of the online community website following a change to the terms & conditions will be treated, to the extent permitted by law, as acceptance of that change.

4.4 I agree to never be offensive or inappropriate when I Participate in research activities and if it is deemed that I have been by Bunnings, I will be removed from the Project.

5. Liability

5.1 Except for the statutory guarantees set out in New Zealand Consumer Laws that cannot be excluded, Bunnings excludes all warranties and disclaims all representations in relation to any goods or services provided to you by Bunnings or its agents in connection with the Project. The information provided in connection with the Project including on the Website may include occasional and inadvertent errors and is provided "as is" and "as available".

5.3 Bunnings will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered or sustained as a result of any person becoming a Member or participating in the Project, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

6. Your Privacy and Responses

6.1 The information you provide us with may be disclosed to people within the Bunnings group of companies and to our marketing agencies and contractors for this purpose and for any reasonable research and commercial purposes. If you do not provide your personal information you will not be able to participate in the community. If you have any questions about privacy or to access your personal information, please email at NeighbourhoodNZ@bunnings.co.nz.

6.2 Bunnings Privacy Policy forms part of these Membership Terms and applies at all times to your participation in the Project. Bunnings will not publicly disclose the identity of Members. By participating in the Project, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with the Bunning Privacy Policy and these Terms. A copy of the Bunning Privacy Policy can be found here: Privacy Policy - Bunnings New Zealand.

6.3 By participating in the Project, you assign to Bunnings all rights, title and interest in your Reponses upon creation and you consent to Bunnings , and each of its successors and assigns, and anyone authorised by any of them, using your Responses in anyway.

6.4 You warrant that each Response is your original work and that you have not breached any third party rights in communicating a Response to Bunnings. You warrant that your Response is accurate and reliable.

6.5 You will provide Bunnings with any consent or other permission that Bunnings to use your Response as set out in these Membership Terms. Bunnings is not required to pay any fee to use any Responses, no matter how that Response is used, except as otherwise set out in these Terms of Membership.

7. General

7.1 These Membership Terms may be changed or varied at any time by providing you with notice and with immediate effect by Bunnings in its absolute discretion. Should you not agree to any variations, then you may cancel your membership at any time.

7.2 Bunnings may use an agent or contractor to carry out all or part of the Project in its absolute discretion.

7.3 These Membership Terms are governed by the laws of New Zealand.

7.4 You are not, by virtue of your participation in the Project, an employee or contractor of Bunnings or any of Bunnings related entities, agents or contractors. The relationship between you and Bunnings is that you are a voluntary participant in the Project and that you will comply with these Terms of Membership.

You can read about our privacy policy here.

Bunnings Neighbourhood is a growing online research community. As a member, we’ll give you the opportunity to help shape the future of Bunnings by simply completing our short, fun online surveys.

As a member, you will:

  • Have a chance to have your say and share your experiences
  • Be helping us create an even better Bunnings!
  • Receive a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of what we're cooking up before anyone else
  • Quickly earn points which can be easily redeemed for Bunnings vouchers for use across all products, in-store

We hope you enjoy being a member of our thriving Neighbourhood.

Through completing selected surveys and polls, you may be able to earn points which are put towards receiving a Bunnings gift voucher. Points are automatically added to your account to eligible participants following completion of an eligible survey – there’s no extra step required from you.

10 points = $1

When you have 100 points, you will be sent a $10 Bunnings voucher.

At the end of each month, Bunnings Neighbourhood team will identify those who have $10 worth of points or more and send a gift voucher of that amount to those members.

Gift vouchers can only be sent in $10 increments. Points that are not used towards a gift voucher simply roll over to the next month, so you keep accruing them until you are eligible for a gift voucher.

Points offered may differ for each survey or activity. Please always read the invitation email to the survey where it will specify what the incentive and reward is, as some surveys may not offer any points.

Please note: only at the end of each month will you be able to view your full points balance. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via email at neighbourhoodnz@bunnings.co.nz.

You have qualified for a $10 voucher – that is great news!

We will send this voucher to you via email.

Please keep an eye out for it at the start of each month, ensuring you also check your spam box.

Once you have received your voucher, you will be able to use it in-store on any Bunnings purchase and transaction by scanning the barcode on the voucher. Each voucher can only be used once.

If you have any trouble using it while in store, please ask a friendly team member for assistance and they will help you.

You can use your laptop, phone or tablet to complete any survey. Just click on the link sent in the emails to complete the surveys.

We are sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while.

A few reasons for this might be:

  • We don’t have any new activities at the moment
  • The invitations are being filtered to spam
  • You may have accidentally unsubscribed

We are happy to check why you haven’t received emails yet. Simply send us an email at neighbourhoodnz@bunnings.co.nz and we will look into this for you.

It’s great to know you want to invite others to join our thriving community. We’re happy to hear you are enjoying it.

Unfortunately, the Neighbourhood is full at the moment.

If a vacancy becomes available, we would be happy to invite others. Please ask them to email us at neighbourhoodnz@bunnings.co.nz and we will be in touch with them directly when new positions are available.

We are sorry to see you go. Your contributions have been valued.

To unsubscribe, please click this link here.

Thank you again for being a Neighbourhood member.