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Person pouring paint into a tray.

How much paint do you need?

You can save yourself time and money by taking the time to plan your project.

Which room are you painting?

Room type


No. of doors

No. of windows

I need paint for


Paint coverage

We use an average door size of 1 x 2m and an average window size of 1.5 x 1m. Results shown are for two coats.

Is the surface porous, rough or unpainted?

Is the surface porous, rough or unpainted?

Selecting yes will add an extra 20% to your paint estimate.

If you need to calculate the area of an odd-shaped room, simply follow these steps:

  • First measure the height and width of each rectangular section to be painted. Multiply these figures to get the area, then add them together for the total area.
  • A stairwell often forms a triangular shape. For the area of a triangle, multiply the lengths of the horizontal and vertical legs and divide by two.

Entry Door.

Top quality paints not only give you easier and better coverage but are longer lasting and easier to clean than low-grade paints. Budget for the best – it pays in the long run.

Similarly, good quality paint brushes and rollers will give you a better finish.

Paint colours all on display

If you plan to paint the trim a different colour, calculate these areas separately. Simply multiply the length by width of each trim then add your totals together.

A skirting board area is its height multiplied by its length (which is generally the same as the perimeter of the room).

White paint on timber windows in an outdoor setting with outdoor furniture and cushions.

Estimating time brings in a new set of variables. In 1 hour, you're likely to cover about 7 square metres of an ordinary surface, or about 5 square metres of bare wood or plaster.

You'll probably be able to paint that 4m x 5m room with one coat in 5–6 hours. If you apply 2 coats, you must allow time for the first coat to dry. Allow 4 hours for water-based paint and overnight for oil-based paint (check the paint can label). You can safely estimate 2–3 days to paint a room and clean up afterwards.


raked ceiling with blue kitchen

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