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Home office set within a cupboard with orange walls and a wheeled chair

Episode 7: home office makeover with Keira Rumble

This week we’re giving one of our boring bedrooms a makeover, turning it into a stylish home office. Overseeing the transformation is design expert and Instagram Zen Queen, Keira Rumble (@krumble).

Keira Rumble.

“Because I work from home I know the importance of making a home office functional, but also relaxing,” says Keira, who has grand plans to add a chill-out zone to our light, bright study space.

“What I am really excited to do is to convert the wardrobe into a desk, but then have bi-folds so you can shut it away, wind down from the work, and have a really nice, relaxing place to chill,” she explains.

Keira will show viewers how to upcycle office furniture, apply textured wallpaper for a designer look (at a fraction of the price), and get creative with wall colours, giving the room a whole new look.“This space is going to be divided into three areas, and I’m going to try to bring in some earthy tone elements throughout,” she says. “I’m excited!”

Keira’s not doing it alone – along the way, she will have help from two Bunnings team members, who’ll be on hand to show how easy it is to attempt her transformations at home via simple-to-follow videos.

It really is THAT simple to Make It Yours! Check out Keira’s incredible study transformation here:

Renovated home office with burnt orange walls, desk built into cupboard and floating shelves.

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home office
Office desk built into a cupboard.
Room with cream walls, grey carpet and cupboard.