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Bedroom with bed, bedside tables, ceiling fan and pendant lights.

Watch Make It Yours season 1

1 house + 13 creators = an epic makeover you have to see to believe.

Watch Make it Yours season 1

Exterior of brick house painted grey with a concrete driveway.

Transform your

Refreshed kitchen interior, including kitchen bench and cabinets.
Old and dated kitchen interior, including kitchen bench and cabinets.

Watch season 1 of Make It Yours

Kitchen and dining makeover with Haus of Cruze

The kitchen and dining area of the Make it Yours house gets a makeover, courtesy of interior designers, stylists and content creators Az and Jamie from The Haus Of Cruze. Watch as the dynamic duo paint, re-lay the floor and show you how easy it is to change the colour of a benchtop and kitchen cupboards!
Kitchen - Make It Yours - Season 1 - Medium

Master bedroom makeover with Geneva

D.I.Y. style queen Geneva Vanderzeil is all about showing people how to create a room that looks and feels expensive but isn’t, and she’s about to weave her magic on our master bedroom blank canvas! Geneva is planning to give our bland, beige bedroom a “coastal luxe” feel, adding different textures by using hessian, installing VJ wall panelling and adding some gorgeous sheer drapes.
Bedroom with sage green feature wall, hanging pendants and bedside tables.

Backyard makeover with Tim and Mat

Melbourne chippies Tim and Mat take on the neglected backyard and pull off a huge transformation. Their plans include modular decking, laying new turf, painting the house’s exterior and planting up a storm in the garden. But it doesn’t stop there – watch to find out how they make this the perfect backyard entertaining space.
Backyard with modular decking, outdoor furniture and vertical garden.

Lounge makeover with Rachel-Lee and Rachel Aust

This week the lounge and hallway will be transformed by organisational queen and YouTube star Rachel Lee, and health and wellbeing guru Rachel Aust. These two have BIG plans for their space. And together they’ll prove just how easy it is to take a room from drab to fab!
Lounge room with blue feature wall, white couch and white coffee table.

Kids bedroom makeover with Poppy Lee

Queensland-based Instagram style queen Poppy Lee has been tasked with making over a bland, boring guest room to create an amazing children’s bedroom. Poppy has grand plans for the space and gets seriously crafty with bespoke D.I.Y. art projects, a giant mountain mural and also shows us how simple upcycling furniture can be!
Kids bedroom with a bed play tent and mountain mural on the wall.

Bathroom and ensuite makeover with Moochstyle

This week we’re whacking on some rubber gloves and getting stuck into the Make It Yours bathroom and ensuite – with the help of Kiwi collaborators, Shayden and Georgia from @moochstyle! These nifty New Zealanders are set to totally transform our tired old spaces into two truly awesome bathrooms. The best bit? It’s not going to cost an arm and a leg!
Bathroom with white vanity and sink, white tiles and blue wall.

Home office makeover with Keira Rumble

This week we’re giving one of our boring bedrooms a makeover, turning it into a stylish home office. Overseeing the transformation is design expert and Instagram Zen Queen, Keira Rumble. Keira will show you how to upcycle office furniture, apply textured wallpaper for a designer look (at a fraction of the price), and get creative with wall colours.
Home office with a concealed desk, filing drawer and indoor plants.

Laundry makeover with Steph Pase

This week style queen and organiser-extraordinaire Steph Pase gives the laundry a makeover. She also shows how easy it is to max out the storage options throughout your home. This organisational mastermind knows exactly what every home needs to function properly – and she’s sharing her knowledge with us!
Laundry with washing machine, stainless steel trough and broom cupboard.

Front yard makeover with Dale Vine

It's time for the front yard and the house's exterior to get an overhaul courtesy of garden guru and landscaper Dale Vine. On the agenda is a complete garden update as well as painting the house, re-spraying the concrete driveway, adding a modular deck to the front entrance and a whole lot more!
Brick house painted grey with a lawn, garden and concrete driveway.