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Front of brick house painted grey, with green lawn, neat garden and cricket set

Episode 9: front yard makeover with Dale Vine

It’s the final week of our Make It Yours series, and this time it’s our front yard that’s getting a thorough overhaul, courtesy of garden guru, landscaper and all-round legend, Dale Vine (@vineyd).

Dale Vine @vineyd

“I’ve come to give this house a bit of street appeal, and to do some cool stuff with a really achievable budget,” Dale explains.

On the agenda is a thorough overhaul of the garden; Dale will be painting the house, re-spraying the concrete driveway and adding a modular deck to the front door. He’ll also be changing up the letterbox, showing how easy it is to install a high-tech doorbell, and giving the door a zingy new look.

“The exterior is really dated right now - the yuccas will go, and we’re going to paint it with a nice coastal grey, which will look great,” Dale says of the home’s intended new look. “We’ll also freshen up the concrete driveway with a lick of paint, put some new plants in and bring in some new instant turf to really green it up.”

Dale plans on using some uniquely Australian plants to give the yard a modern, stylish look. “My favourite plants are natives – they were here before we were, and they like the conditions so why not stick with them?” he explains.

He won’t be doing the hard yakka alone – Dale’s got help from team members from Bunnings, who’ll be on hand to show how easy it is to attempt his transformations at home.

Check out Dale’s awesome front yard makeover and Make It Yours!

Renovated front yard with grey exterior, freshly laid turf and garden.

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front yard
Front of brick house painted grey, with green lawn, neat garden and cricket set.
Front of orange brick house, with dirt ground and messy garden.