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Image of completed pitch with a wheelie bin and bat with ball
These eight entertaining ideas will ensure you’re the host with the most fun.


All you need to transform your home into a funhouse is a dash of creativity and a few supplies. We’re sharing eight great entertaining ideas (for adults and kids alike) that will keep boredom at bay.

Safety tip: Always wear the appropriate safety equipment (safety glasses, gloves, ear muffs and a mask, for example) and always follow the instructions for the product or equipment.

Let the games begin

1. Set up a backyard cricket match

Backyard cricket is fun for the whole family, providing hours of outdoor entertainment. To transform your garden into a wicket-worthy oval, start by creating space for a pitch using a lawn mower. (If you want a more professional pitch, roll the pitch to compact the turf and ground.) Add some sand for speed and mark the crease with spray paint to avoid family disputes. You can use a wheelie bin to create stumps, and finish things off by placing the wicket on the correct end of the pitch.

Tip: If you want to take things to the next level, create your own D.I.Y. stadium scoreboard.

Chalk scoreboard in a backyard leaning on an umbrella

2. Create a versatile games mat

This easy D.I.Y. project will form the base for a range of classic games like Connect 4, checkers and tic-tac-toe. Choose a small to medium-sized mat or rug. Using spray paint and a guide for the lines, mark up grids on the mat. Collect rocks or pebbles for your game counters. You can choose coloured stones (black and white, for example) or paint them in a colour of your choice.

Tip: This is a great project for the kids to help out with.

Kids playmat set up outside with cushion and game accessories.

Cool kids’ projects

3. A place for imagination

Cubby houses are homes for imagination. In them, kids can be pirates sailing the high seas, or astronauts heading to the moon. They can play house or run a restaurant. The creative play opportunities are as boundless as their ideas.

It’s easy to give the kids’ cubby a personalised touch, like this fun farm-to-table shop. All you need is some paint and a few decorative pieces to get started!

A finished cubby house customised to look like a greengrocer, pictured from the front 

4. Create your own sandpit

Younger kids love a sandpit, and they’re easy to create! Start by selecting your preferred sandpit style – choose from a cheap and cheerful clam shell, a sleek boat or a sand and water table. Next, fill it with sand and then stock it with fun toys.

Tip: The clam shell also works well as a shallow kiddie pool or splash pool for dogs, ideal for cooling off on hot summer days.

A kids tent and plastic toys set up on a grassy area to make a kids' play zone.

5. Get crafty

A D.I.Y. craft table is the setting for all kinds of creative adventures! Start with a small to medium-sized table and chairs and drape the table with a drop cloth. Next, stock up on craft supplies like paints and brushes, canvases and wood, and anything else your young artist might like – icy-pole sticks, mosaic pieces, stencils and clay, for example.

Our website is filled with fun craft activities for kids of all ages, from making your own sponge boat (that really floats!) to decorating eggs for Easter. Or try making a monster noughts and crosses game. It's super easy to make and will provide hours of entertainment for the family.

The best part of a craft table is its versatility – it can come inside the house or garage on hot or rainy days, or set it up in the backyard under some shade when the weather is nice.

Tasteful grown-up fun

6. Create a grazing platter

What's more fun than a gathering with family or friends? Wow your guests with this D.I.Y. cheese platter board, which you can supersize or customise to suit your tastes. This is a great way to welcome guests with a snack while you’re preparing a delectable lunch or dinner.

DIY - Extra - How to make a cheese platter board - Natalie

Fun for everyone

7. Enjoy an outdoor film festival

Create your own outdoor cinema to watch all of the family favourites. If you have a blank wall in your garden, all you need to host movie night under the stars is a drop sheet and a few comfortable pillows.

Outdoor furniture in front of a wall with canvas screen and fairy lights

8. Fun in the sun

Make a day at the beach even more special by creating your own beach tent. This elegant D.I.Y. project is the perfect place to read, relax and listen to the ocean, or simply enjoy a little privacy.

Safety tip: Although this beach tent does provide a little shade, it’s not designed for shade protection, so don’t forget to follow the Cancer Society's advice to Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap. If you want your tent to provide a degree of sun protection, swap the curtaining for shade cloth or fabric that is rated for sun protection.

DIY - Header - How to make a beach tent

Want to keep the fun going?

Check out these great ideas for more outdoor games and play equipment.


Health & Safety

Please make sure you use all equipment appropriately and safely when following the advice in these D.I.Y. videos. You need to be familiar with how to use equipment safely and follow the instructions that came with the equipment. If you are unsure, you may feel it is safest to consult an expert, such as the manufacturer or an expert Bunnings Team Member.

Grave health hazards are linked to asbestos, which may be in homes built up to 1990. Health hazards may result from exposure to lead-based paints in older materials and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer. You can also use a simple test kit from Bunnings to indicate the presence of lead-based paint.