How to put a hook in the wall

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Add impact and create an architectural focal point in your room by installing decorative hooks. They’re easy to install, functional and can also be used to display all sorts of interesting things.

Tools and materials

Drill and drill bits

Eye protection

Hook kit


wall hooks

1. Decide where you’d like your hook to go

Once you’ve got a spot, take your backing plate and your pencil and mark where your screws will go.

wall hooks

2. Drill pilot holes

Using your drill, drill some pilot holes for your screws. We’ve used wall mates for our hook (as we’re not mounting over a wall stud) – you can grab some from Bunnings, or from your hook kit if they come with them. Make sure your drill bit is slightly smaller than the width of your wallmates. Manually push the wallmates in.

wall hooks

3. Screw your backing plate in

Once your wall mates are in, you’re ready to screw your backing plate in – use your drill for this bit.

wall hooks

4. Place your hook on the wall

Once in place, tighten with an Allen key. If you don’t have one, fear not! You can buy a nifty set, they come complete with every size key you’ll ever need. Trust us – they’re a godsend.

wall hooks

5. Time to hang out

Your hook is up! And you can now use it to hang towels or clothes, or get creative and use it as a pot hanger or for fairy lights. Just make sure you don’t exceed the maximum weight recommended.

wall hooks

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