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Kitchen with white cabinets, and timber benchtops.
Scandi design is synonymous with impeccable functionality and a timeless and universal appeal, and the kitchen is where this interior style truly shines.

Simple and functional kitchen design

Scandi design is the hallmark of simplicity and functionality, meaning not an inch is wasted but every practical requirement of the space is met. This efficient design, combined with the spare, uncluttered look, is clean, modern, and makes a Scandi kitchen the ideal choice for apartments, townhouses and any home where space is at a premium. Here's how to make it yours. 

Boards of timber and sprig.

Decide on a colour palette

Scandinavian style encapsulates the understated elegance of neutrals, which usually means warm white tones, rich timber and loads of texture. The overall effect should be restful and soothing to the senses. White is the go-to hue for a Scandi kitchen, but you don't need to be restricted to this shade alone. Soft grey (with timber for warmth) is a hue that sings Scandi, but there's a broad range of colours that can also work. The key is to choose earthy or grey-based tones – think dusty olive green, greyed navy or muddy pastels. 

Scandi style kitchen with white cabinetry and timber finishes.

Choose your materials

A Scandi-style kitchen can work with various types of cabinetry profile, but a plain door, like the Kaboodle ‘Modern' profile, really speaks to the cleanliness and simplicity of Nordic design. Opt for push-to-open mechanisms or finger pulls over door handles to preserve that streamlined look. While a Scandi kitchen should be clean and ordered, it shouldn't be in any way cold. Think of the Danish concept of hygge and the palette of timber, soft textured throws and hide rugs that proliferate in Scandinavian homes. In a kitchen setting, this might manifest as timber features, such as the flooring, benchtop and edging detail. For added interest, look for marble or marble-effect materials for areas such as the splashback; with their pretty grey veining, they are a less stark contrast than plain white. 

Bottle of oil, salt shaker and wooden serving platter sitting on top of wooden benchtop.

Select the finer details

In a simply Scandi kitchen, useful is beautiful. This means that while clutter should be avoided, attractive and functional objects can – and should – still be displayed. Look for simple but stylish tapware, use open shelves to display beautiful crockery or cookbooks, let chopping boards or pretty canisters have a permanent home on the benchtop, and use windowsill space for a mini herb garden or a potted plant. 

Maximising light is essential in Scandinavian homes, but in Australia's brighter climate, we can afford to filter sunlight. Use sheer blinds to continue the clean lines of the room, while reducing blinding glare in a very sunlit room. A Scandi kitchen is warm and welcoming, and designed to be lived in, which makes it work particularly well in open-plan spaces or eat-in kitchens. Connect the rest of your furnishings to the room scheme with furniture in matching timber tones or with similar Danish-inspired shapes.

Scandi style kitchen.

More great kitchen ideas

Learn more about how to complete your simply scandi kitchen look here.Or, if scandi style isn't your thing, you can check out our other inspiring kitchen designs here.


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