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Front view of a modern house with small trees in the front yard
Don’t panic about how many weeks until the big day and all the tasks you need to get done to prepare. Use this handy checklist to get your home into shape for the festive season.

Christmas countdown

The weeks before Christmas tend to pass quickly, and with a multitude of tasks to complete before the big day, it’s wise to get your holiday preparations sorted well in advance. Whether it’s shopping for presents, essential maintenance, cleaning the house in time for guests or decorating the tree, this week-by-week checklist will ensure that you’re prepared for the festive season without the anxiety of last-minute chores or scrambling.

5 weeks until Christmas

1. Start with tasks outside the home and some big-ticket maintenance jobs. Spruce up the front yard, trim hedges, weed and re-gravel pathways, touch up paint and plant flowers in entranceway pots.

2. Get everything out of storage and check your Christmas inventory. Do you have enough wrapping paper and indoor and outdoor decorations? Are your Christmas lights in good working order?

3. Time for the food checklist: plan your Christmas menu.

4. Favour a homemade holiday season? Start D.I.Y. craft projects for gifts and decorations.

Person uses red and black shears to trim hedges

4 weeks until Christmas

1. Tidy and declutter entertaining areas and yards. Clean and repair outdoor furniture. Do you have enough seating for your guests?

2. Clean and oil the deck.

3. Put up the Christmas tree, complete with ornaments, decorations, lights and a tree topper.

4. Make space for Christmas decor and start decorating!

5. Buy gifts (keep an eye out for Black Friday specials).

6. If you’re hosting outdoors, check your shade options.

A person uses a pressure washer to clean and restore a teak wood Lutyens style bench.

3 weeks until Christmas

1. Declutter and donate unwanted items to create space – from living areas to cupboards, wardrobes and shelves.

2. Plan outdoor activities and games to keep guests entertained.

3. If you have loved ones staying over the festive break, it’s time to prepare the guest room.

4. Do a stocktake of plates, glasses, cutlery and chairs so you have enough for everyone who’ll be in attendance.

5. Don’t forget the music: prepare the Christmas playlist.

A bed with white sheets and wooden headboard with a bedside table next to it with a lamp and plant decorations

2 weeks until Christmas

1. Shop for non-perishable Christmas food.

2. Wrap gifts (pop on some music and grab a mince pie to make it fun).

3. Clean the oven – a dirty one will not only affect its performance but also the taste of your culinary creations!

4. Get your glassware sparkling, from windows to champagne flutes.

5. Buy batteries (for kids’ toys, outdoor lamps and remote controls).

1 week until Christmas

1. Clean the house and clear out the fridge.

2. Mow lawns, sweep the deck, clean the barbecue and buy a spare gas bottle.

3. Prepare the outdoor table set-up.

4. Organise and write guest place cards.

5. Buy fresh ingredients for your Christmas meal and fresh flowers for the home.

6. Finish last-minute gift shopping. Then kick back and wait for Santa!

Person in jeans uses a mop to mop hardwood floors

Get stuck into the Christmas season.

Explore these adorable Christmas craft ideas.


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