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Bunnings agrees to hire equipment to you on the basis of the following.

Using the equipment

  • Each person using the equipment is an adult, who warrants that they are able to safely use the equipment and they hold appropriate experience, licences, and qualifications.
  • The equipment is only used safely (using appropriate protective equipment) and skilfully and for its intended purpose.
  • The equipment is not misused and is returned clean and in good working order.
  • Subject to law, use of the equipment is at your own risk and Bunnings is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the equipment.
  • You do not modify, repair or change the equipment.
  • Subject to law, if the equipment breaks down, Bunnings’ liability will be limited to refunding an appropriate part of the hire fee or providing replacement equipment.
  • You must ensure that the equipment hired is suitable for your intended purpose. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the hire of equipment where we suspect the equipment may be used for an illegal, anti-social, nuisance or political purpose.


  • Ownership of the equipment will not pass to you.

Hire fees

  • A security deposit and personal information is required. Please see the Bunnings privacy policy for more information.
  • Late fees: Up to 4 hours late will incur a half day charge, 4 to 24 hours will incur a full day charge.
  • You will be charged for repair or replacement if the equipment is returned damaged.
  • Bunnings is entitled to enter your premises to recover the equipment or charge you the cost of the equipment if you don’t return it.
  • You may be required to pay for cleaning or replacement consumables.