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Rack It

Rack It 400kg 1526mm Upright (for 530 Rack depth)

4.8 (5)

I/N: 2760524

Rack It 400kg 1526mm Upright (for 530 Rack depth)
Rack It

Rack It 400kg 1526mm Upright (for 530 Rack depth)

4.8 (5)

I/N: 2760524


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  • Rack It 400KG Uprights available in 4 heights and 2 depths
  • 1526mm Upright height
  • Designed for Rack It 400KG systems with 530 Rack depth
  • Double-slotted so you can extend your system over time
  • The second step in building your Rack It 400KG system
Step 2 of 4 – Select your Uprights

In Step 1 you choose your system width and depth. In Step 2, you choose the height.

Rack It 400KG Uprights are available in 916, 1526, 1831 and 2136mm heights and 430 and 530mm depths.

This 1526mm Upright is specifically designed for 530mm depth systems and requires 520mm Support Braces (I/N 2760535). If you chose 420mm Support Braces in Step 1, you’ll need to select Uprights suitable for 430 Rack depth.

Two Uprights are required for a one bay shelf. Each Upright featurse double-slots so you can extend your system over time with extra bays. All you need is an additional Upright along with Beams, Braces and Pins.

Rack It 400KG is a modular storage system made up of Beams, Braces, Uprights, Shelves and Accessories. Following our 4 Step process, you can choose exactly how your system will look, making it work for you. Choose your width, height and depth, extend with additional bays and optimise with a range of accessories. No rush though, you can start small and extend over time.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 3.02kg


Model Name
Rack It 400KG Upright 1526mm (for 530 Rack depth)
Model Number

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