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storage rack with some tools

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Plan and create your modular storage system. If you’re looking for heavy duty shelving or a functional workspace with drawers, pegboards and cabinetry, select from our four Rack It ranges to find the solution best for you!

Design your ultimate storage space in four easy steps with our planner

Whether you need a tough storage solution with that extra shelf depth, add some drawers and cabinetry or prefer a robust shelf with optional wall  storage, the choice is yours. Just measure your space, customise the system to suit your needs and create your Bunnings order list. Our Rack It planner helps you design your garage or work space in four easy steps for a safe and organised space.

close up of a storage rack

Rack It 1000KG heavy duty modular shelving system

Rack It 1000KG is our best storage solution, built tough, with a 600mm shelf depth, enough space to store all you need. Rack It 1000KG modular systems are expertly engineered and tested to meet our high standards, and can hold up to 1000kg per shelf, evenly distributed.

storage rack with water sport accessories

Rack It Pro - Level up your storage

The Rack It Pro series is designed to transform your 1000KG system into a fully operational workspace. The Rack It Pro range is designed to fi­t with the Rack It 1000KG system. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution to complement any garage or commercial storage need.

storage rack with trade tools

Rack It 400KG : Our hard-wearing storage system

Rack It 400KG modular systems are available in 430mm and 530mm shelf depths, a solution for every space. Rack It 400KG is expertly engineered and tested to meet our high standards, and can hold up to 400kg per shelf, evenly distributed.

storage rack with water sport accessories

Rack It : Wall storage without the compromise of space

The Rack It Wall Storage System allows you to maximise the usability of your space. Mount shelving to the walls of your garage or workspace and customise your look with a range of accessories to suit your needs. Store your tools, bikes and clutter out of the way – it’s heavy duty storage without compromising your space.

storage rack with wall rack