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OCP 250ml Eco-Neem Organic Oil Concentrate

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I/N: 0355476

OCP 250ml Eco-Neem Organic Oil Concentrate

OCP 250ml Eco-Neem Organic Oil Concentrate

No reviews yet

I/N: 0355476


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  • Makes up to 125 litres of spray.
  • Approved for use on edible crops.
  • Controls Caterpillars, Sooty Mould, Aphids, Psyllid, Whitefly and Mites.
  • Organic botanical insecticide made from 100% botanical ingredients.
  • Not classed as a dangerous good.
Eco-Neem is an organically certified insecticide designed to control numerous chewing and sucking pests on vegetables, fruits, lawns, ornamentals, in potting soil, and in home gardens.

The insects controlled include mealybugs, black beetle, citrus leaf miner, grass grub Bettle, bronze beetle, scale, thrips, leaf roller, potato beetle and psyllid.

Eco-Neem is derived biologically and controls the listed insect pests by contact action, but remains safe for beneficial insects, such as bees. Works in multiple ways, with the two main actions being suppression of insect appetite (they starve to death) and restricting growth (unable to molt successfully).

Plant damage stops as soon as the insect ingests eco-neem, but insect death may take several days depending on their size and type. It is Hydro-distilled to preserve the heat sensitive compounds. Not solvent or heat pressed.

Note: There may be some species within this pest group that may not be controlled. Do not use on plants that produce food for human or animal consumption.












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