How to organise tools with a pegboard

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How to organise tools with a pegboard

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If you have a large range of tools, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for. Hanging everything on a pegboard is a great way to maximise space and keep track of your tools easily.

Tools and materials

Chipboard Screws

Claw Hammer

Drill Bit Set

Drill Driver Bit

Ear Plugs



Hammer Drill


Marker Pen

Paint Scraper

Pegboard Pegs

Plier Set

Pre-cut Timber Frame & Struts

Pre-cut Pegboard

Power Drill

Power Lead

Spanner Set

Spirit Level

Wood Screws

Spaghetti Wall Plugs

Organise your tools on a pegboard

1. See what you’ve got

Before you get started, get all your tools out and see how many you have – this will determine which sized pegboard you will need. We are using two 900x450mm boards. Some types of pegboards require a timber frame – you can get that pre-cut at Bunnings. Just ask one of our friendly staff members for assistance.

Organise tools on a pegboard

2. Mark out screw points

Our pegboard comes with pre-cut holes on the frame to attach screws. Use these as a guide, and mark out with a pencil where the board will hang. Use a level to make sure everything is straight – when the bubbles are centred, you’re ready to go.

Organise tools on a pegboard

3. Drill pilot holes

Once everything is marked up, use your drill to drill pilot holes for your wall plugs. Remember to pop your safety gear on for this bit – it gets loud, especially if you’re drilling into masonry like we were.

4. Insert wall plugs

Once you’ve made all your holes, tap in your wall plugs with a hammer.

Organise tools on a pegboard

5. Affix your screws

Grab your drill and your screws and place them into the plugs. Remember to leave them sticking out about 5mm – this will allow you to slot them into the holes once the board is ready to be hung.

Organise tools on a pegboard

6. Hang your pegboard

Grab your board and fix the screws into the pre-existing holes on the board. Grab your accessories and start hanging your tools and – voila! Everything’s hung, sorted, and ready to go. How easy was that?

Organise tools on a pegboard

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