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A well organised linen closet with a stylish Bunnings cap


Create a great organisational system for your linen closet with these handy storage hints. Trust us, it will look sensational and you'll finally be able to find those missing pillowcases!


1Clear everything out

First thing's first – take everything out of your linen closet and group similar items together. This will make it easier to organise when your stuff goes back in. Put all your linen sheets together, all your pillows and towels together and remember to fold everything nice and neatly.

Stack of bed linen sitting on a bed

2Add more storage

The ‘Clever Closet' system is perfect for organising this space. Our cupboard already had one installed, so we just assessed what we needed to add and headed to Bunnings to purchase the appropriate add-ons. The drawers we purchased were easy to install – we just placed the hooks into the holes already in the brackets. Simple!

Person sliding storage organiser into cupboard

3Add a pegboard

A pegboard is a great addition to your linen closet – click one into your bracket in the same way you did with your drawers, then add hooks for more hanging space.

Pegboard in a cupboard

4Fill your storage containers

Fill your storage containers with the things you've pulled out, making sure you keep everything together in their groupings.

Organisers full of bed linen

5Use vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are particularly good for storing bulky items like doonas and pillows – you'll be amazed at how much space they free up! Place your items inside, then use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to suck the air from within, shrinking it down to a quarter of its original size. Vacuum bags are also great for storing seasonal items like winter quilts in the summer.

Person holding box of vacuum seal bags

6Add baskets to hide the mess

Bunnings have a great selection of storage baskets – great for hiding those things that don't quite fit anywhere else. We used a woven basket to store our throw rugs and blankets.

Handy hint: Roll your items so you'll always be able to tell what's in your basket before you take them out.

Towels and basket on a shelf

7Lovely linen

What a transformation! All your linen is now stylishly stowed ready for use. Ahhh – soooo satisfying!

8Watch the full episode

Check out the full episode for more laundry and home organisation tips and tricks with Steph Pase from @justanothermummyblog

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