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A garland of pinecones


Let's face it, it's not quite Christmas without a festive garland hanging somewhere in your home. We've got the lowdown on how to create your very own one, using pinecones. Learn how.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Spray paint your pinecones

Go out collecting some pinecones, or, if you live in the inner-city, just head to your nearest craft store and pick up the imitation kind – either will do! Once you've got your selection, spray paint them your desired colour – we're using white for a lovely, snow-capped effect. Allow the paint to dry, then spray over the top with glitter for a beautiful, sparkly effect.

3Cut your strands

Grab a roll of twine – you can pick this up at Bunnings or any good craft store – and cut your pieces. These are what your cones will hang from. Use different lengths for a staggered look.

4Tie your twine

Once you've cut your lengths, tie them to the base of your pinecones. Once they're on, grab some glue and dab it on, this way the knots will hold tight once the glue is dry.

5Cut one long length of twine

Measure up the area you'd like to hang your garland, and cut a corresponding length of twine – this will be what your cones hang from. Once you've done this, tie your pinecones to the long piece of twine, staggering your long and short pinecones. Handy hint – hang your end pinecones first, so you know how much space you've got for the rest of them in the middle. And make sure you leave a little extra room for loops at each end.

6Hang your pinecone garland

The final step is to hang your masterpiece! We are using 3M Command adhesive hooks to hang them from the window frame. Simply peel off the adhesive and fix to your desired spot. Add a few hooks along the distance of your area to make sure your garland stays in shape. You can also hang them on your Christmas tree.

7Admire your handiwork!

How great does your garland look? And how easy was it to create? Now all that's left is to sit back, pour yourself a festive tipple and admire your snow-capped pinecones. Go you!

8Feeling crafty

We have plenty more Christmas craft ideas to choose from or you can head to your local Bunnings store's craft aisle for inspiration.

Health & Safety

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