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christmas lights and reindeer garland hanging from backyard fence


If your space is in need of some festive cheer, but you don’t want to buy something new, this Christmas garland is the perfect craft project. Made using sustainable hessian, it’s an environmentally way to decorate this festive season, with the flexibility to add your own unique touches.

Hessian is an incredibly versatile material, making it the perfect canvas for your next craft project. It is hard-wearing, lightweight and sourced from cheap and readily grown plants, which means it is fantastically sustainable. It’s also completely biodegradable!

This project is a great one for the kids, as they can really flex their creative muscles. Once the triangles of hessian have been cut, you can let the little hands loose, decorating as they wish. The garland can then be hung over their beds, or in the living spaces.

For something a little more organised, you could also decorate the triangles with words to form ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Tis the Season’, or feature pictures, such as snowmen, Santas or reindeer. Today, we’re going to create one with 12 remarkable reindeer!

For this project, you’ll need some cardboard for the stencil, hessian, twine or rope, and some common craft suppliers.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below you'll find all the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.
hessian, twine, marker and scissors on a table

2Cut out a stencil

We need to cut out triangles of hessian to make our reindeer faces. So that all of our triangles are the same, we’ve created a stencil using some cardboard from an old box. It’s important to remember that the top of the triangle will fold over the line of the garland so leave a little extra at the top of your triangle to allow space.

drawing with a marker on carboard

3Cut out the hessian

Now that you have a stencil, draw an outline on the hessian using a black marker. Cut out as many as you like. Today, we’re going to make a garland with 12 reindeers.

cutting hessian with scissors


Now that you have your triangles, it’s time to decorate! Today, we’re making reindeers, but you could add letters to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ if you like.

For today’s reindeers, we are using craft glue to add eyes and a pom pom nose to each triangle. Make sure you remember Rudolph has a red nose!

Leave to dry.

gluing pom poms onto hessian reindeer

5Secure the triangles onto the rope

Once the nose and eyes are dry, fold the top of each triangle over the top of the rope. Secure the hessian to the rope with two pegs to create the reindeer’s antlers.

placing pegs on hessian reindeer flags

6Hang them up

Using a clear 3M hook, hang your garland anywhere you like! You could hang it near your tree, or decorate your Christmas table.

pegging garland onto christmas lights

7Here comes Santa Claus!

Explore our range of hessian fabrics and pick the perfect one to begin creating your garland.

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