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Santa stop here sign on deck in front of house


Make sure Santa Claus knows exactly where to go this Christmas with this simple D.I.Y. project, perfect for adding a little holiday cheer to your front garden. All you’ll need is a few common tools and materials.


1Cut the timbers

Start by cutting two pieces of timber from the jointed panel. Measure the first one to be 40cm x 40cm and the second to be 30cm x 30cm. Mark your cutting points with a pencil before putting on safety equipment (like a dust mask and safety glasses). Carefully cut at the mark with a circular saw, or use a handsaw.

The longer piece will be the base, while the second piece will be for the stop sign.

Circular saw cutting through timber board

2Create the octagon shape

Mark out 10cm lengths on each side of the 30cm square. Next, draw a line across each corner using a straightedge, starting at the 10cm mark, so that you have drawn an octagon shape.

Cut the corners with your choice of saw to achieve the octagon shape. Give the edges a light sand if needed.

Using a square ruler to mark timber with a pencil

3Paint the base and sign

Now it’s time to paint the base and sign. Lay down a drop sheet to protect your working area and then paint both pieces with red paint. Leave to dry.

Using paint roller to paint timber red

4Mask up and paint

To prepare the stand, take the pine and, using masking tape, add lines on an angle down the post, making sure they are evenly spaced.

Add a layer of masking tape to the edges of the octagon shape, so it looks like a border. Working on your drop sheet, paint the remaining available space white and leave to dry. Remove masking tape once dry.

Once dry, paint on your text – ‘Santa Stop Here’. You can use a stencil, or free- paint. Allow to dry.

Placing blue masking tape on timber

5 Attach the post to the painted base and the post cap

Once everything is dry, it’s time to put the sign together. First, drill 2mm pilot holes and, using countersunk wood screws, secure the post to the base.

Next, unscrew your doorknob from its base-plate to expose the predrilled holes. Screw in the base-plate of the doorknob to the top of the post and then screw on the knob.

Attaching a brass door knob to the top of the post

6Attach the sign

Once you’ve attached all the relevant parts, attach the sign with countersunk screws. Your sign is now ready to go in your front yard!

Screwing a sign onto a post

7Ready to create yours?

Check out our range of timbers, perfect for building your ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign.

Santa stop here sign sitting on grass front lawn
Health & Safety

Asbestos, lead-based paints and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber are health hazards you need to look out for when renovating older homes. These substances can easily be disturbed when renovating and exposure to them can cause a range of life-threatening diseases and conditions including cancer. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer or visit our Health & Safety page.

When following our advice in our D.I.Y. videos, make sure you use all equipment, including PPE, safely by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the equipment is suitable for the task and that PPE fits properly. If you are unsure, hire an expert to do the job or talk to a Bunnings Team Member.