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Letterbox with a santa sign out the front of a house


A letterbox for little ones to mail their requests to Santa is a unique Christmas decoration. Create your own with this step-by-step guide from Bunnings Warehouse – the perfect D.I.Y. project for the festive period. You can also get creative with the design, choosing your colours and text.


1Prepare your tools and materials

Before you get started, it's important to check that you've got all the tools and materials you'll need for the project.
Circular saw, cordless drill, craft paint, ear muffs, glue and paint brush

2Cut the post to size

Using a measuring tape, mark out a 30x40cm rectangle on the jointed panel. This is going to the base of the mailbox. Once marked, put on your safety gear and cut along the marks with a circular saw or handsaw.

A Bunnings Team Member using a circular saw on a piece of wood

3Paint and stain

Lay down a drop sheet to protect your working area. Place the Porta pine timber and pre-cut timber base on the drop sheet and apply a walnut stain. Leave to dry.

Place the letterbox on your drop sheet and cover the roof with masking tape. (The roof will be a different colour, so it’s important to cover to prevent overspray.) 

Put your safety gear (gloves, eye protection and mask) and spray the rest of the mailbox with the red spray paint. Put in a safe place to dry.

Next, place the placemat on the drop sheet. Roll the placemat with your green paint and leave to dry.

A Bunnings Team Member painting vanish on a piece of wood

4Add lettering

Once the green board is dry, arrange the stencils to spell out ‘Special Delivery’. As there are repeat letters, you will need to mark out where each letter sits to make sure it all fits on the board. Once you’ve confirmed the positioning, re-apply the stencils and slowly start to print the letters using white paint. 

Use a paint pen to write ‘Santa’s Mail’ on the side of the letterbox. Leave both to dry. 
A Bunnings Team Member taking film off a letter on a board

5Assemble the letterbox

Once everything is dry, attach the post to the base of the stand using some countersunk wood screws. You will use this same method to attach the letterbox to the post.

A Bunnings Team Member using a cordless drill on a piece of wood

6Add the hanging sign

Drill two holes at the top of the green board where the chain will connect.

Thread the chain through the pre-drilled holes in the base of the letterbox so it hangs down and connects to the sign. Measure how long you’d like the sign to drop down and cut the chain at this point using a bolt cutter.

Use a galvanized split link on each end to attach the board.

A Bunnings Team Member hanging up a Special Delivery sign to a letterbox

7Just add lights

The final touch is to add some lights to the letterbox. It’s now ready for Santa’s letters!
A Bunnings Team Member hanging a Special Delivery sign to a Santa's Mail sign

8Ready to create your letterbox for Santa?

We have a wide range of spray paints that are perfect for your D.I.Y. letterbox for Santa.

Letterbox with a santa sign out the front of a house

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