How to remove plasterboard

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How to remove plasterboard

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Project Overview

Removing plasterboard from walls and ceilings can be a messy job but there are a few simple tricks to getting it right. We show you the tools and techniques you need to remove cornice and plasterboard properly. There’s also a few simple tips to make everything easier and show you how to do the job safely.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Remove the Cornice
2 Remove the plasterboard from the wall
  • Step 1. Remove the Cornice

    Start by turning off the electricity at the fuse box. Even if you can’t see switches or sockets, there could be wires in the wall. Then use a trimming knife to cut along the edges of the cornice to stop paint coming away from the ceiling. Once the cornice is trimmed, use the wrecking bar to pry the cornice off.
  • Step 2. Remove the plasterboard from the wall

    Working as close to one of the top corners as you can, use the wrecking bar to gently pry the whole sheet of plaster away from the wall joists. Sometimes a whole sheet can be too large to handle in one go. If that’s the case, run a shallow saw down the middle of the wall, being careful to avoid cutting the timber frame behind the plaster.

Tools and Materials


  • Face mask
  • Ladder
  • Leather gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Trimming knife
  • Wrecking bar
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