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White storage cabinet in a bedroom with a white chair and a bed in it.
The Lugna online storage planner lets you design custom solutions to solve the clutter in your home.

Create organisation for your space

If you’d like to smarten up your home office, create wardrobe space, tame the kids’ toys, or sort out the shoe pile by your front door, help is at hand. Lugna home storage solutions allow you to create bespoke designs using floor- and wall-mounted cabinets, drawers, shelves and hinged doors. Every home is different, and every family has different requirements. Lugna’s modular solutions allow you to customise the storage to suit your particular space and needs.

The Lugna online storage planner is a handy interactive tool that lets you plan the perfect layout for your space. It provides organisational inspiration, explores design finishes, and mixes and matches cabinets to get the most stylish and effective result, all while keeping to your clutter-busting budget.

Step #1: Set up your room space

Start by entering your room’s dimensions into the online Lugna planner. Add other specifications, including doors, windows, power points and any other important design features. Now you'll know exactly how much space you have for your new storage solution.

Step #2: Choose your cabinet shell

Next, select the cabinetry. Choose the cabinet shell that is best suited to your interior storage project. Consider the depth, width and height you’ll need to ensure optimum organisation. For example, you’ll need a 580mm depth for coat hangers in a wardrobe, while height might be dictated by the scale of your space or whether you want to include low storage that can double as a bench seat or desktop.

Tip: As a clever design option to maximise efficiency, remember you can combine cabinet shells to optimise wall-to-wall space.

Choose your colours and finishes. Lugna components are available in always-stylish ‘White’, plus timber-look ‘Sand’, ‘Mist’, ‘Storm’ and ‘Cove’. All are available at the Special Orders Desk or online, and selected white components are available in-store for pick up.

Shoe drawer open with shoes inside and person holding drawer handle.

Step #3: Select shelves and drawers

Fill the cabinet shell with shelves and drawers. You’ll have plenty of variety with the Lugna range, from deep drawers to adjustable shallow shelves and open display units. Think about what you need to store and work from there – for example, deep drawers are ideal for keeping woollens neat and tidy in a bedroom wardrobe, while shelves can hold storage baskets of shoes to help reduce clutter in a home’s entryway.

For added convenience, all Lugna drawers feature soft-close runners. External drawers have modern lip pull handles, while the scallop drawer is a handle-free design that’s great for kids.

Lady pulling out drawers with clothes inside from Lugna unit.

Step #4: Finish off with accessories

Give your tailored storage design a personal touch with doors, handles and rails to suit your needs, style and décor. Lugna handles come in a range of finishes – gold, black, silver and white – and the hanging rails are silver, white or black. You can personalise your design further with alternative handles and knobs. Simply choose the components and accessories that best fit your needs and add them to your design.

Landscape image of green Lugna mudroom.

Step #5: Save and print your plan

Once you’ve finished using the Lugna planner, save your plan for reference. You can download renders, a list of products and a price list, and export it as a PDF or Excel document, ready to print.

Step #6: Proceed to purchase

To order, simply hand over your plan and product list at the Special Orders Desk at Bunnings. You can also order online at Bunnings.com.au.

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Photo Credit: Alex Reinders

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