How to make a photo ledge

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How to make a photo ledge

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Shelves are a great way to display your favourite framed photos and create an instant at-home gallery. They’re simple to install and make a fabulous feature on your wall. Because you can constantly change what’s on them, photo shelves are a great way to update the décor in your home on a regular basis. Here’s how to make one yourself:

Tools and materials:


Drill bit kit

Dust mask



Photo shelf kit (contains shelf, 2x screws, 2x wall mates)

Safety goggles

Stud finder

Tools and materials needed to install a picture ledge

1. Mark up your wall

The first thing you need to do is to mark the wall where you want your shelf – and your screws – to go. Use a spirit level to make sure your lines and marks are straight – you don’t want a wonky shelf. Handy hint: when the bubble is in the middle of your level it means it’s straight and you’re good to go.

Marking placement of shelf with a pencil

2. Find the studs in your wall

Use a nifty little stud finder to find your wall studs and drill straight into them. Even if there’s no stud, they’re still useful for ensuring there are no electrical wires running through the area. If you can’t find a wall stud and you’re drilling straight into plaster, use a Wall Mate to secure your screws – drill these flush to the wall. They will act as your hooks, so leave them hanging out just a bit – this is where your picture shelf will hang from. 

use a stud finder

3. Attach your shelf

Align your shelf to the screws and slot into place – push down to ‘lock’ in. Easy! For an extra stylish look, install two shelves offset from one another. 

Carefully hooking shelf onto wall hooks

4. Style up a storm

Last step is to fill your shelves with things you love – the possibilities are endless. And the best bit is, if you get bored, you can easily swap things over. Simple!  Picture ledges look great with different sized vessels clustered together, family photos, framed inspo quotes, or you could use them to display cascading green plants – just make sure your pots aren’t too heavy for the shelf (check the specifications on the pack if you’re using a kit). 

style up a storm

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