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A woman in a white themed kitchen opening a pull out cutlery drawer while holding two fancy bowls
Looking for space-saving storage options that will free up valuable floor space? View our creative shelving ideas to help you declutter and design how you want.

Create space with shelving brackets

As our population grows and we all jostle for space in the world, it's important to find room for the little things. Not everything has to be stowed away for another day.

Creative shelving can display your treasured items in the way that you want. These space saving storage ideas will free up valuable floor space so you can focus on creating the interior that you've always dreamed of.

 1. Nightstand storage

Minimalism can make a bedroom come alive. Mounted nightstands can provide useful bedside storage space without taking up any room on the floor.

A nightstand should have room for a lamp, books and a glass of water. Floating nightstands provide an excellent setting for smart home devices that require voice commands.

What you'll need:

A floating shelf will do the job. Carinya's floating shelf brackets can easily attach to a wall stud, providing a seamless connection between your shelf and the wall.

2. Laundry storage

Laundries are often the first victim of clutter in the home. Essentials like detergent and soap need to be readily accessible, as do other everyday items like hangers, pegs and the trusty iron. Adding free form shelving and racks can create valuable space in cupboards and on clotheslines.

Organise in accordance with function. Laundry and cleaning products on one shelf, towels folded on another. Slow drying items can be hung from hooks and racks.
Your laundry doesn't need to be a hidden hovel. Add a bit of greenery and a candle to freshen things up.

What you'll need:

Pined stayed bracket from Carinya can be coupled with layered shelving, clothes racks and hooks, creating a utilitarian storage system in no time.

Woman holding a basket in the laundry

3. Kitchen storage shelves

If you're a master chef, you'll know that all kitchens create chaos. Pots, pans and platters are all striking industrial features that can add a tactile element to your culinary space. Display them on a shelf and free up some space in your cupboards.

Add method to the madness by grouping by material. Metals with metals. Ceramics with ceramics. Use hanging space to keep bulky cast iron and sharp knives out of harm's way.

What you'll need:

Kitchens should emphasise function, so Carinya's functional brackets will do the trick. Add rustic shelving and hooks as required and give your kitchen another dimension.

4. Plant display shelving

Don't sacrifice your love of greenery for a bit of extra floor space. Your plant can be stored up high and still receive the light and water that they need to thrive.
Contrast your verdant plant life with designed decorative elements like books, candles and art.

Plan for future growth by ensuring that your plants have enough room to prosper. 

What you'll need:

Be bold and block colours. These black studio brackets make for a functional feature piece and have a load capacity of up to 125kg.

A collection of indoor plants in pots on wooden shelves.

5. Floating bookshelf

Books present a tangible connection to the stories that we know and love, however they are useless if they're inaccessible so make sure they are within arm's reach. Engage the eye by playing with the size and shape of your books as they look fantastic as visual focal points in a bedroom or living space.

What you'll need:
Making a floating bookshelf is easy. Simple choose an old book that you no longer read, attached an angle bracket to it with glue and screws, and stack other books on top. Carinya's range of angle brackets are easy to install and perfect for this project.

Not everything has to be stowed away for another day

For more inspiration, or to chat with a D.I.Y. expert, drop into your local Bunnings.

Photo credit: @eversohomely via Instagram


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