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Clothes hanging on a pull-out clothesline
Lighten the load this winter with help from the Hills range of laundry products.


Opt for an efficient laundry

Get ahead of the winter blues this year and sort out your laundry by stocking up on the right laundry products. From portable clotheslines to innovative ironing boards, the Hills laundry collection has your washing day covered.

Hanging out

Make the most of the elusive winter sun with outdoor hanging options that can be easily hidden away when wet weather strikes. The Planter Retracting Clothesline is perfect for small spaces, balconies and courtyards. Its innovative design features a three-line retracting clothesline hidden within a modern self-watering 15L wall mounted planter box. Each line extends up to 6.3m with an ergonomic twist dial to control the tension - that’s 19m of drying space, enough to hang multiple king-sized sheets. 

On the move

Bridging the gap between outdoor clotheslines and indoor airers, the 21m Portable Clothesline in Woodland Grey is built with the same material construction as an outdoor line, to make it fully weatherproof. Equipped with two premium wheels on one side, zipping the clotheslines between the indoors and outside is a breeze, and it folds flat for simple storage. Sheets and towels a worry? It has a load capacity of 30kg and each line stretches 1.8m. Pair that with four adjustable height levels and all drying needs are met.

Portable clothes drying rack in an outdoor room

Inside jobs

On wet and wild days, an indoor airer is the only option. Be prepared with the 18m Premium Winged Airer, which is built to last you for years. The aluminium design is compact and lightweight, including a storage lock so you can move and store it with ease. If the 18m of drying space wasn’t enough, it also features sock rail hangers for smaller and more delicate items, and anti-slip feet means it’ll hold still wherever it’s used.

Portable clothes drying rack with clothes on it in a living room

Hot stuff

When it comes to the ironing, the Hills Large Ironing Board has your back. The board height adjusts from 75 to 93cm to suit all users, and the large paddle beneath the board makes switching up the heights (or folding it away) nice and easy. It comes equipped with a retracting iron stand that has room for the water jug and hooks for coat hangers, as well as a reversible cover with heavy duty cotton on one side, and metallised heat reflective fabric on the other.

Ironing board, iron and clothes basket in a living room

The hard yards

When it comes to the big jobs in washing, such as sports gear, dirty towels, bathmats and work clothes, the Hills Premium Aluminium Laundry Hamper is your new best friend. Big enough to hold multiple wash loads at once with 105L capacity, this hard worker is made using ‘Hills Fresh’ antibacterial and odour control heavy-duty fabric, and an aluminium frame to help keep it together.

Two washing baskets and a bed in a modern bedroom 

Basket bonus

A good basket collection is the key to an organised laundry. The Foldable Bamboo Laundry Basket comes in three colourways – Black, Smoke and Striped – to help keep darks, lights and whites separate, making wash day a little more seamless. With a strong but lightweight bamboo frame and waterproof polyurethane coated fabric, these durable helpers have a 35L capacity and can fold away when the washing is done.

Now you’ve got the rundown

Add some handy Hills products to your Bunnings project list.

Photo Credit: Hills


Health & Safety

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