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Fruits and a flower vase on top of a green table in a living room.
Make the most of this larger-than-life trend.

What is maximalism?

You’ve probably heard of minimalism, but what is maximalism? ‘More is more’ is the only rule for this style of design. Maximalism style is all about abundance. This trending interior design scheme calls for bold choices and the mixing of patterns, textures and colours. We’re sharing tips on how you can achieve this eclectic look in your home or living space.

Abandon restraint

To achieve the trending maximalism look, abandon restraint. This eccentric interior design scheme calls for layered textures, a medley of patterns and prints, and a spectrum of colours. This adventurous look is perfect for people who love to experiment with different styles and aren’t afraid to make a statement in their home.

“A maximalist interior should look like it has evolved over time – not been bought from a showroom,” says interior stylist Evie Kemp.

Let this look evolve by building up layers in your living space, one at a time. “The first being the walls and how they're decorated, then art, rugs and furniture,” she explains. “Then it’s on to cushions, lighting and curtains, then objects, books, glass and ceramics. Don't get too hung up on matching – try and just go for what you love and let it come together organically!”

Start with a statement piece

Love the maximalism style but feel unsure about where to start? Choose a statement piece. “It might be an artwork, a piece of furniture or a rug – something substantial that can be a starting point for the rest of the room,” says Evie. “Think about colours or styles that go with that piece and then let those additions inform the next, and so on.”

Red squiggle rug with lounge. 

Mix and match

Combining multiple patterns is fundamental to this design look, says Bunnings Magazine stylist Sam van Kan. “Don't be afraid to mix florals, stripes, graphics and even animal prints in the same room. Just make sure to balance the different patterns by keeping the same colour palette throughout the room,” she says.

Striped blue wallpaper in bedroom.

Walls with ‘wow’ factor

When you’re layering patterns and colours with this interior trend, wallpaper is a powerful tool, says Superfresco Easy’s trend and design expert Paula Taylor. She advises choosing a patterned background to help create a stylish focal point for your space. “It can be the base on which to create the personality of your room,” she says.

Floral wallpaper can add character and a vibe of bringing the outside in, while graphics and bold geometrics can bring a sense of calmness to a room with their structured order.

Floral wallpaper with framed pictures on wall.

Play with textures, colour and light

Mixing textures gives depth and interest to your maximalist décor, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this excess of aesthetics. “Pair velvety soft furnishings with rough-textured rugs and chunky knit throws,” advises Sam.

Keep in mind that opposites are attractive with this interior theme. Mixing modern with the traditional, or classic antique and retro elements works, says Sam, because it gives the impression of having been curated and collected over time. This juxtaposition adds to the authenticity of the overall design scheme.

Just don't forget your lighting, adds Evie. “Lamps are key to a maximalist interior and making the most of a fabulous wall colour,” she says.

 Two lightbulbs hanging from roof with yellow chain.

Bursts of colour

Being brave with colour in your living area will help you create bold and eye-catching looks. Choose a few key colours for your space and integrate them throughout your décor. For instance, you could add a brightly coloured sofa, patterned curtains or a statement wall in your chosen hues.

Paint is an affordable and highly effective tool for building up a maximalist style in your home. “You'll be surprised how well bold colours seamlessly become part of the room when you have all your beautiful layers in place,” says Evie. “You can cleverly use colour to harmoniously bring everything together by looking for a shade that works with all the disparate elements you've gathered.”

Built-in study area with pink paint and LED light.

Photo Credit: Belinda Merrie, Getty Images

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