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A child using a red watering can to water the garden
Looking to get your children into the garden? Get them off to a good start by giving them the right tools. Here’s what you need to help get them excited about their new outdoor adventure:


Garden gloves

Before we dig in, safety comes first! A pair of well-fitted garden gloves will keep little hands clean and protected while gardening. There’s a range of colours and prints to suit all tastes.

Mother and daughter planting in the garden

Gum boots

Gardening can be messy work, especially when it becomes more fun to play in the dirt and muddy puddles. Keep the muck outside and protect little feet from creepy crawlies with a pair of gum boots.

Tip! Always tip boots upside-down and check inside before putting them on – spiders love it in there!

Kids gumboots and gloves on a white background

Dedicated garden bed

Give your kids a reason to keep gardening by giving them their own garden bed. Let them paint and decorate it as they please and this sense of ownership will hopefully plant the seed for a budding relationship with the great outdoors. If you don’t have the room for a separate bed, corner off a section of the garden and use props or markers to define it as their space.

 One red raised garden bed and a wooden raised garden bed with more herbs

Hat and sunscreen

You know the rule – no hat, no play! Look for a wide brim hat and pair it with a sunscreen that is at least SPF30+. Apply liberally and avoid being out in the garden during the heat of the day.

Young child with a hat on watering sunflowers

Garden trowel

This small hand-held spade is needed for digging small planting holes and removing pesky little weeds. It’s also handy for moving small amounts of soil around the garden.

kids garden tools on a white background

Hand fork

A hand fork is incredibly versatile. You can use it to turn the soil, ‘fluffing’ it up to make it nice and loose for planting. It’s also great to help mix compost and fertilisers into the soil.


Garden scoop

This is like a trowel, but with a rounded head that helps transfer larger amounts of potting mix or soil from one spot to another. It helps keeps things (a little!) tidier, too.

Garden rake

A must-have to help clean up leaves, twigs, and other plant debris. Rake everything into a heap and add it to the green waste or compost bin.

Kids gardening rake and pink watering can on a white background

Watering can

Gardening isn’t complete without a watering can. Choose a small one – up to 2L – as a large one will be too heavy for youngsters to carry, especially when full.


Plant tags

It’s easy to forget what you planted where, so use coloured craft sticks to label plants. Plant labels from seedlings work too, but where’s the fun in that?


Complete your kids’ kit

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Photo Credit: Getty Images


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