How to plant seedlings

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How to plant seedlings

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Seedlings, whether you buy them in a punnet or as larger plants in a small pot, are a great way to add something new to your garden, or to start from scratch. There are a huge range of seedling available to suit any type of garden.

Tools and materials


Cow manure blend



Large pot

Potting mix

Safety mask


Seaweed concentrate


Watering can

tools and materials

1. Select a spot

First thing’s first – select a spot for your new plants. You can choose to plant your seedlings in the ground or in a pot – just make sure you choose a nice sunny spot for both.

2. Fill your pot with potting mix

Grab your premium potting mix and fill your pot, to just below the top to allow for watering. Using a premium variety potting mix is always a good idea as its chock full of extras like fertiliser and water-saving crystals. Seedlings grow well in fertile, well-drained soil. If you’re planting straight into your garden, it’s a good idea to add some compost or cow manure.

plant your seedling

3. Make a hole for your seedlings

Using your trowel, create holes in the soil for each of your seedlings. Each hole needs to be double the size of the seedling root ball.

mkae a hole

4. Plant your seedlings

After watering your seedlings first, then carefully remove them from their punnet, separating gently. It’s important to plant to the same depth they were in their punnet and to give them enough space to grow. We planted snow peas, which meant we needed to plant them 10cm apart –read the directions on your seedling’s label for more info. If you’re not sure, ask one of our friendly Bunnings garden experts – they’re always happy to help. Press down gently on the soil to secure your plants. Planting seedlings in a container, or straight into the garden uses the same technique.

water your seedling

5. Give them a good water

Grab your watering can or a hose and give your plants a good water. To help promote root growth and stop transplant shock, add seaweed solution. Read the label to determine how much you’ll need to add to your watering can.

6. Pop your pot in position

Once you’re all done, just find a nice sunny spot for your new plants. Remember to keep them well watered, sit back and watch them thrive!


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