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Front of brick house painted grey, with green lawn and neat garden.

Make your home a Healthy Home

We can help with insulation, heating, ventilation and more, to improve the health of your home, and keep it safe and warm for you and your household.

Healthy Homes Standards Assessment

We can help make sure your home or rental property is compliant with Healthy Homes Standards.


HomeFit Assessment

We've partnered with G-Force to bring you a HomeFit Assessment service. G-Force assess your property to the NZ Green Building Council’s HomeFit standard to help you create a warmer, drier and more energy efficient home.


Install an energy efficient heat pump or wood burner to help keep your home warm and dry. We have clean burning wood and pellet burners available.
Air conditioner


Installing extraction fans in your bathroom and kitchen will help reduce the moisture in your home. A balanced heat recovery ventilation system installed in your home will improve your homes air quality and reduce moisture.

Draught stopping

Sealing gaps in your property will help prevent draughts that cause heat loss in your home. This is an effective way to reduce your heating and cooling costs and will help make your home quieter and more comfortable to live in.
Cutting door seal

Fire Safety

Having appropriate fire safety equipment in your home can save lives. They're easy to install, so let us help you choose the right fire safety product to suit your home.
Smoke alarm


Good insulation will help keep your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and save you money on your heating and cooling costs.
Person rolling out insulation.

Moisture Ingress and Drainage

Installing a ground vapour barrier in your subfloor will reduce the amount of moisture that enters your home. Having a drainage system in good working order will help channel rainwater away from your home.
Tiled roof with gutter