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HomeFit Assessment

Check if your property is HomeFit

We can assess your property to the NZ Green Building Council’s HomeFit standard.

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The service

Our HomeFit assessment and installation service can help you create a warmer, drier and more energy efficient home.

The HomeFit assessment service is available in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury; and is provided by our assessment partner G-Force.

Book now

To book your HomeFit Assessment, simply send the following details to [email protected]:

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  • Contact phone number
  • Address
  • Type of property (For example - Apartment or house)

Frequently asked questions

HomeFit was created by the New Zealand Green Building Council along with the housing sector to help people understand how healthy their home is. HomeFit is an inspection-based assessment of the health, comfort, energy efficiency and safety of New Zealand homes. It covers a range of topics that a panel of experts believes to be essential for a home to be liveable.
The assessor from G-Force is checking your property against a set of HomeFit standards that help create a warmer, drier and more energy efficient home. The HomeFit assessment looks at the property’s Heating, Insulation, Hot Water System, Ventilation, Mould Levels, Drainage, Draughts, Windows, smoke alarms, Lighting and Water Efficiency. All requirements of the standard have been created by a panel of experts in conjunction with the NZ Green Building Council.
A Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) Assessment is designed to establish whether rental properties meet the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Act HHS regulations. The HHS assessment is looking only at those specific requirements (Heating, Ventilation, Draught Proofing, Insulation, Drainage and Moisture Ingress). The HomeFit assessment looks at all the HHS requirements plus additional measures such as Water Efficiency and Lighting.
The HomeFit assessment service costs $344. This includes a full report and certification if your property meets the HomeFit standard.
If your property meets the HomeFit standard, then the property will retain the standard for three years. The HomeFit certification stays with the property, it cannot be transferred to another property if the owner was to sell the property.
If your property meets the HomeFit standard, you can advertise to potential home buyers or tenants that the property is HomeFit. This gives home buyers and tenants peace of mind that the home meets a minimum standard for a healthy home.
Please email your details and an assessor from G-Force will contact you within 24 hours (on business days) to book in your assessment. Your information will be collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy and sending your details via email,, you agree to us sharing your information with our HomeFit assessor partners for the purpose of providing this service to you.
Yes, you will receive a detailed report showing for each standard assessed whether your property is HomeFit for that standard or not.
Our assessor will discuss the work required to make your property HomeFit. If you want, they can also provide a quote to complete the work for you. Alternatively, you can visit any one of our stores to purchase the products required to make your property HomeFit. As always, we recommend that you use a suitably experienced or qualified person to complete the install.
The assessment usually takes around an hour to an hour and a half to complete. You will receive your report and quote (if requested) within 48 hours after the assessment is completed.
Generally, installations will be completed within 15 business days of the quote being accepted.
Your HomeFit assessment will be completed by our partners, G-Force.
Yes, we offer a range of in-home and in-store services. For more information, take a look at our Services page.