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Triumph Building Products

Triumph 200mm Galvanised Flat Hutloc Soaker

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I/N: 0627181

Triumph 200mm Galvanised Flat Hutloc Soaker
Triumph Building Products

Triumph 200mm Galvanised Flat Hutloc Soaker

No reviews yet

I/N: 0627181


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  • Galvanised steel at 0.55mm guage
  • Complies with E2/AS1 and the NZ Building Regulations
  • Designed to fit a join in 200mm timber board at 13mm thickness
  • Pre-drilled nail holes

Soakers are an integral part of weatherboard construction as they are an effective way of keeping water from gaining access to the ends of weatherboards when butted up on external corners.
When selecting soakers it is important to get the correct sizing and soaker material to match the cladding. Galvanised soakers should not be used on cedar weatherboards due to the interaction of natural acids in the timber and the metal. In this instance copper or stainless steel are recommended.
To ensure a correct fit the soaker selected should be appropriate to the profile of the weatherboard and its width. The soaker will need to cover the exposed wall but not the full width. In other words a 150mm board will use a 135mm deep soaker with a return of 18.5mm if it is a standard thickness board. This allows for the timber to overlap but not to cover the drain channel.












Model Name
Galvanised steel hutloc flat soaker 200mm
Model Number
Galvanised steel

Warranty & Returns

This product complies with the E2/AS1 Building Regulations in design, material specification, and profile.
With the recommended cleaning processes under the Regulations and with correct installation the products will last for the required years (+15).

We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.


All soakers need to be installed with dry timber and dry soakers. They should be etch-primed with a recommended paint manufacturer's priming system prior to installation and then painted as soon as practicable after installation.

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