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Pool Water Testing

Simply bring in your pool water to calculate the chemicals you need to keep your pool in the best condition.

Bunnings team member helping a customer with pool water testing.

The service

We offer free in-store water testing so that you can receive fast, accurate results and information on the right chemicals in the right quantity to get your pool in the best condition.

Simply take a water sample to your nearest Bunnings Warehouse and input some basic information into the water testing kiosk. You'll receive an instant printout of your results. You can also choose to have your results emailed to you. By entering your email, your results will be saved on the same kiosk, so that you can view previous results and also auto-fill your pool or spa size information.

What you'll need

The water testing kiosk will calculate what chemicals and what quantities you need to keep your pool or spa in tip-top condition in under a minute. You’ll just need a sample of your pool water and the following information:

  • The volume of your pool in litres – if you're, just take along your pool measurements (length, width and average depth).
  • The type of surface of your pool or spa (pebble, fibreglass, vinyl, concrete, tiles, etc.).
  • If you have a salt pool, you'll need to know your target salt range (refer to your chlorinator).
  • If you have a chlorine pool, you'll need to know which type of chlorine you normally use (stabilised granular, unstabilised concentrate or liquid).
  • Whether your pool water is cloudy and/or has algae.

Finding the kiosk

The water testing kiosk is located in the pool chemicals bay of any Bunnings Warehouse location. A team member in-store will be happy to help you find it.

Please note that this service is not available in small format stores.

How it works

1Take home a Hy-Clor water testing bottle and bring your water sample back to Bunnings

2Choose the test you require (e.g. salt pool, chlorine pool or spa) and enter in your pool details

3Follow the simple onscreen prompts on how to use the supplied AquaChek test strips

4Enter your test strip results on the touch screen display

5Receive a printout letting you know the chemicals and exact amounts needed to address your pool care needs