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Full Boar

Full Boar 40 Piece Impact Torsion Bit Set

3.9 (35)

I/N: 0170513

Full Boar 40 Piece Impact Torsion Bit Set
Full Boar

Full Boar 40 Piece Impact Torsion Bit Set

3.9 (35)

I/N: 0170513


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  • Flex Tech torsion zone – Absorbs high torque stress and reduces bit fracture
  • Floating magnetic collar – Holds screws firmly in place for easy & accurate fastening
  • Modular case – Provides protection, convenient storage and allows for easy transport
  • 6.35mm (1/4”) -- Accessory fitments
The Full Boar 40 piece impact torsion bit set includes a large array of screwdriver bits, nut setters, socket adaptors and magnetic floats providing for a range of fastening applications.

The floating heavy duty magnetic collar with pre-set Dimpler holds and drives screws to the perfect depth, this is ideal for Drywall and Wood Decking. Proprietary tool steel and heat treat process for maximum strength and durability. All organised and protected in a convenient modular case that allows for easy transport and safekeeping.

1 x 50mm PH2 with Magnetic Float, 1 x 50mm SQ2 with Magnetic Float, 1 x 60mm ¼” Bit Holder, 1 x 67mm ¼” Nut Setter, 1 x 67mm 5/16” Nut Setter, 1 x 50mm 3/8” Socket Adaptor, 1 x 50mm ½” Socket Adaptor, PH1 – 1 x 25mm, 1 x 50mm, PH2 – 3 x 25mm, 3 x 50mm
PH3 – 1 x 25mm, 1 x 50mm, SQ1 – 1 x 25mm, SQ2 – 3 x 25mm, 3 x 50mm, 1 x 89mm, SQ3 – 1 x 25mm, 1 x 50mm, T10 -- 1 x 25mm
T15 – 1 x 25mm, T20 – 1 x 25mm, T25 – 1 x 25mm, 2 x 50mm, 1 x 89mm, T30 – 1 x 50mm, HEX5 – 2 x 25mm, 2 x 50mm & modular case












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 0.72kg


Model Name
Impact Torsion Bit Set - 40 Pack
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