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Feast Watson

Feast Watson 250g Shellac Flakes

4.7 (9)

I/N: 1567019

Feast Watson 250g Shellac Flakes
Feast Watson

Feast Watson 250g Shellac Flakes

4.7 (9)

I/N: 1567019


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  • Gives a warm amber glow
  • High gloss finish
  • Professional quality timber finish
A premium shellac for making french polish. Feast Watson Shellac gives a warm amber glow and can achieve a high gloss finish. It is an authentic finish for the restoration of antique furniture and French Polished surfaces.


Before you get started...

Make sure your timber is dry and free from any traces of dust, dirt, glue, wax, grease and oil.

Before applying, fill any timber defects with a suitable wood putty. Make sure to note a blend of several colours may be required to match the timber colouring
- If the grain is open or very coarse apply one coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and when thoroughly dry, sand off back to bare timber.

Bare Timber

How to prepare new bare timber:

Using a medium grit and the fine grit paper, sand new timber.

Remember to sweep and vacuum any left over dust.

Previously Coated Timber

How to prepare previously coated timber:

Ensure the old finish is completely removed by first sanding with a coarse paper, or stripping, then sand as for new bare timber.

If the old coating is a varnish, it will only need to be sanded back to a smooth, uniform matt finish.

Note: Any wax build up on old French Polished surfaces should be removed prior to sanding, by wiping with a cloth dampened with warm soapy water or pure turpentine.


Dissolve Shellac into pure methylated spirits (95%) at the following rate:

- 250gms Shellac in 1 litre of pure methylated spirits.

Pour the required amount of methylated spirits into a glass or plastic container (do not use tin or metal as this will result in the solution darkening).

Add the Shellac to the methylated spirits stirring constantly until the Shellac is fully dissolved. Make sure to filter the mixture to remove undissolved material.

Looking to tint?

The Shellac mixture may be tinted with up to 10% Feast Watson Prooftint if desired.

If a thicker coating is desired, a slightly higher content of Shellac may be used in the mixture.

For best results apply the polish in dry, moderately warm conditions using a soft long handled brush, French Polish mop, rubber or cloth pad. Apply one or two foundation coats then apply as many coats as needed to fill the grain and achieve your perfect finish.


It's easy! To maintain your surface, regularly buff the surface with Feast Watson Wax or Polish and you are good to go.












Model Number
Methylated Spirits, Methylated Spirits
Outdoor (Yes/No)
Indoor (Yes/No)
Primer Required (Yes/No)


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