How To Install A Security Door

Project Overview

Screen doors can give you peace of mind that your home is safe and sound when locked. They are an unwelcome sign for burglars, simple to install and come in a variety of styles and colors, making them attractive additions to the home.


Always keep tools and materials away from children. Read the instructions before beginning your project.


Door with screws and components attached.


Drill and bits
Measuring tape
Builders square

Step by Step Instructions

1 Where to begin
2 Attaching locks and handles
3 Installing the door
4 Fit the striker plate
  • Step 1. Where to begin

    To be on the safe side, measure your doorway frame before you choose a door, even though most doorways are a standard size. There are several easy steps to installing your screen door. Most doors will come without the locks and handles attached, so this is part of your installation of the door.

  • Step 2. Attaching locks and handles

    Door handle and lock mechanisms can vary depending on the type of door you purchase.
  • Step 3. Installing the door

    Once the handle and lock are assembled, it's time to fit the door into the doorway.

    Attach your hinges to the door with the screws provided.

    You should have received 3 wedges in your assembly pack, if not improvise.

    Close the hinges and stand the door in place with two wedges supporting the bottom (each side) and one supporting the top (middle).

    You should try and leave a 3mm gap all around the door. Use a tape measure if needed.

    Remove the door and complete by marking the hinge inside the doorway with a builders square or spirit level.

    Next open the door and prop it up so that the hinges are aligned with the marks on the doorway and that the door sits level. You may need help for this.

    Drill in one screw, top hinge first then the bottom hinge. Make sure the door swings freely and that a 3mm gap is left between the door and the door's lock.

    Now drill the remaining screws.

  • Step 4. Fit the striker plate

    Close the door and mark out the top and bottom of the latch.

    Open the door and centre the striker plate over the two latch marks.

    Pencil out the opening of the striker plate and mark the screw holes.

    Drill the pilot holes for the screws and drill or chisel out the marked rectangle to the correct depth or 20mm.

    Check that the latch fits into the hole, then attach the striker plate with the screws provided.

    Check that the lock functions correctly.

    Door closers may or may not be included when you purchase a screen door, if not, they are reasonably simple to install.

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