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bed with cool tone sheets and pillows and jute bedhead


Add a touch of coastal luxe to your bedroom without spending a tonne of cash. Get the boutique look for less in one weekend with some jute webbing and a few pieces of pine.


1Cut and seal pine

Cut the pine into two 1600mm lengths for the top and base rails and two 1520mm lengths for the sides with a mitre saw. Use a paintbrush to seal with varnish on all sides. Leave to dry.

If you don’t have a saw, have the pine for the frame of the bedhead cut in store.

Note: The finished size of our bedhead is 1740mm wide by 1520mm high, which suits a queen-sized bed (1530mm wide).

applying varnish to timber with paint brush

2Lay out the frame

Position a rail between the sides, flush with the tops, and the other 1080mm down from the top, positioning the base of the rail at the mark.

timber frame for bedhead laid out flat

3Drill brackets into each corner join

Centre L-shaped mending brackets over each join, make sure the pine is flush, then use a drill to secure with 25mm timber screws.

Note: Treat this side as the back of the piece.

screwing brace bracket in place using a drill driver

4Secure sides and rails

At each join, pre-drill through the sides and into the rails using a 10mm bit, using a hex head bit to secure with 10G 150mm batten timber screws.

screwing timber together using a drill driver

5Attach jute to the bedhead rails

Cut lengths of jute to span the bedhead top to the base rail, with 100mm extra on both ends. Fold over along the top to the back, securing each with two flathead nails. Pull lengths tight and fold over the base of the frame. Trim any excess jute with scissors.

hammering jute strips to timber

6Complete the weave

Position lengths of jute to span the width of the bedhead, with 100mm extra on both ends. Fold over one side to the back, and secure with two nails for each piece. Weave the jute over and under to secure on the other side. Alternate the over-under weaving for consecutive pieces.

Pro tip: Attach the bedhead by drilling through the frame directly into wall studs or anchors. Alternatively, use small L-brackets along the top and base, securing into the frame with timber screws and into the wall using appropriate fasteners.

weaving jute strips together to form the bedhead

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Photo Credit: Sue Stubbs and Stefan Staltare

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