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Four pots with plants in them outside
Refresh your home’s outside living space with stylish outdoor décor pieces.

Showcase your style with accessories

You’ve got your outdoor furniture sorted, and now it’s time to add some decorative accessories to complete the look. Our design-led range of outdoor décor pieces can provide the finishing touches you need to turn your home’s outside living space into a stylish and tranquil oasis.

How to find the right outdoor décor

One of the first things we notice about an object is its colour. Our store layout has been designed with this in mind, with outdoor pots grouped by colour. “this layout is calm and easy on the eye,” says Bunnings buyer Anna Safaryan. “And it makes it so much easier to find exactly what you need, and to find the perfect match for your existing décor.”

The first and easiest way to match new accessories with your existing outdoor décor is to look at colour. Walk along the aisles to find a new piece in the same palette, or make a statement with a pot or decorative item in a contrasting but complementary hue.

Comfort: earthy tones

One popular palette is earthy tones. “These are warm, comforting and work well in almost any outdoor space,” says Anna. This end of the spectrum features a gorgeous range of colours, from rich wine-red through to Mediterranean-inspired terracotta and soft, muted browns. 

A Bunnings Team Member holding a pot with a plant in it

Classic: off-whites

When it comes to garden décor and outdoor accessories, there’s always a place for classic white. Ranging from off-white to rich creams, whites bring a beautiful softness to an outdoor living area. Use these neutrals in almost any space – they make a strong statement against a dark, contemporary landscape, or use them to complete a bright and beachy coastal garden.

Added interest: shapes and textures

Touchable textures and interesting shapes bring a new dimension to an outdoor room scheme and are particularly good for adding layers of interest to a mostly neutral palette. There are a lot of striking architectural designs to choose from, including modern geometric shapes that would look fantastic in a contemporary garden. “Once you’ve decided on colour, you can create beautiful visual effects with the shape and style of outdoor plant pots you choose,” says Anna.

Texture is another great way to make a subtle statement. Inspired by nature, fine textures and rounded shapes are calming and easy on the eye; they also help to give outdoor décor an organic softness.

A person holding a pot with a plant in it that is sitting on timber decking

How to mix and match outdoor pots

What's better than a beautiful plant pot? More of them! Mix and match pots from different ranges, but in the same colour scheme. “So, if you find the colour palette you love, you can choose a gorgeous glazed pot, for example, and then mix it with a budget-friendly plastic pot in a similar colour,” says Anna.

Tip: Play with sizes, fill an empty corner of your backyard with a styled focal piece or choose a large outdoor pot and match it with its smaller model.

Racking filled with terracotta pots in an outdoor nursery in a Bunnings store


For more tips on styling your outdoor space...

Check out our guide to choosing the right outdoor pot.

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Photo Credit: Alex Reinders

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