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Cleaned oven from inside.


Oven-cleaning is easier than you might think, and it can make cooking and baking more enjoyable. Cleaning your oven not only helps it retain heat, but it is also more hygienic. Check out our helpful step-by-step guide on how to clean your oven.

Safety tip: Always wear the appropriate safety equipment (gloves and a mask, for example) and always follow the instructions for the product or equipment.

Tools and materials


1Turn the oven off

The first step might seem like an obvious one, but for your safety, we need to cover the basics: ensure your oven is off! If the oven has been used recently, make sure it has cooled to room temperature before beginning your oven clean. Also, clean your oven at a time when you won’t need it for a few hours afterwards. Trust us: this will make cleaning a lot less painful and it will help you avoid any accidents. 
Turing off the oven.

2Clear out the oven

Carefully remove any racks or trays from inside the oven. Place these to the side; we’ll come back to them later.

Clearing out the oven by taking trays out.

3Give the oven a wipe down

Take a cloth and run it under the tap for a few seconds to dampen it. Using the damp cloth, give the oven a general wipe down to clear away any large crumbs, gunk or general waste leftover from previous use.

Wiping down the inside of the oven using a microfibre cloth.

4Apply oven cleaner spray

Now that your oven is crumb-free, give your oven cleaner a good shake or refer to the directions on the bottle for best practice. Start by spraying the roof of the oven, followed by the sides and finishing with the oven door. Make sure the kitchen is well-ventilated for this step. 

Make sure all surfaces are well-coated with foam before closing the oven door for a minimum of 30 minutes. This waiting period is what will do the heavy lifting on all residual grease and grime. 

Spraying over cleaner inside the oven.

5Wipe away with a damp cloth

After the 30 minutes is up, use a damp cloth to wipe the oven clean and remove any excess foam. Repeat this step with the oven racks and trays. 

Wipe the inside with a damp cloth.

6Place racks back into place

Carefully slide the racks back in and voila! A freshly cleaned oven.

Placing the racks back indie the oven.

7Looking to clean your oven?

You’ll find everything you need to give your oven a good clean in-store. Speak to one of our friendly Team Members to ask them about our range of oven cleaners and other cleaning products today.

Health & Safety

Please make sure you use all equipment appropriately and safely when following the advice in these D.I.Y. videos. You need to be familiar with how to use equipment safely and follow the instructions that came with the equipment. If you are unsure, you may feel it is safest to consult an expert, such as the manufacturer or an expert Bunnings Team Member.

Grave health hazards are linked to asbestos, which may be in homes built up to 1990. Health hazards may result from exposure to lead-based paints in older materials and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer. You can also use a simple test kit from Bunnings to indicate the presence of lead-based paint.
Please note: Our range of engineered stone products is no longer available. Our team members can help you with our wide range of alternatives to suit your project, and we're working closely with our suppliers to introduce new options soon.