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DampRid Reusable Moisture Absorber Drop-In Tab Starter

3.8 (5)

I/N: 0492064

DampRid Reusable Moisture Absorber Drop-In Tab Starter

DampRid Reusable Moisture Absorber Drop-In Tab Starter

3.8 (5)

I/N: 0492064


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  • DROP-IN TAB TECHNOLOGY: 360-degree ventilation system enhances airflow and maximizes moisture absorbing surface area for a fast acting solution. REUSABLE DESIGN: Refills are fast, easy, and mess free. One starter Drop-In Tab is included. Refill packs sold separately.
  • NON-ELECTRIC REUSABLE DEHUMIDIFIER: Acts like a non-electric dehumidifier, perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, wardrobes, living spaces, basements, and other areas where excess moisture is a problem.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply insert an unwrapped tab into the top container. The drop-in tab will collect moisture out of the air and deposit it into the moisture collection reservoir for septic-safe toilet disposal.
  • WATCH DAMPRID WORK: Watch this DampRid moisture absorber work as the trapped moisture collects in the moisture collection reservoir.
  • MAINTAINS OPTIMAL HUMIDITY: DampRid Moisture Absorber with Drop-In Tab creates optimal humidity levels without drying out air wherever moisture is a problem.
DampRid Reusable Moisture Absorber with Fresh Scent Drop-In Tab is designed to go to work immediately, attracting and trapping excess moisture, eliminating musty odours, and creating fresher, cleaner air.












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