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Backing Local

Supporting community rugby clubs across the country

players running with a rugby ball
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Bunnings knows the important role local rugby clubs play in bringing communities together.

Since 2021, Bunnings Warehouse has been the primary partner and naming rights sponsor of the Bunnings National Provincial Championship (NPC), Farah Palmer Cup (FPC), Bunnings Heartland Championships and Super Rugby Under 20s Championship presented by Bunnings.

We also created the Bunnings Rugby Assist programme in 2021 to support the growth of rugby in the community. This annual fund of Bunnings products and materials is dedicated to supporting the maintenance and improvement of community rugby clubs across the country.

Since its first year, Bunnings Rugby Assist has supported 30 clubs with a share of $600,000 to upgrade their facilities.

It’s been three years, and we look back at how Bunnings Rugby Assist has helped support our community clubs. Growing the game starts at the grassroots.

We are excited to announce our 10 winning rugby clubs for Season 3. These deserving clubs will receive $30,000 to upgrade their facilities to feel even more welcoming for the whole community.

Nz Bunnings rugby assist for 2023 winners

If you’re looking for inspiration on upgrades for your club, check out these stories from our previous Bunnings Rugby Assist winners.

Previous Bunnings Rugby Assist winners

We’re sharing stories from our Community series, where we look at some of the awesome characters who represent the fabric of rugby in Aotearoa.

Community series