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Thirteen easy home decorating updates for a refreshed interior

Raise the style stakes in every room of your home without a costly renovation. Take note of these simple and affordable interior updates for your most lived-in rooms.

Zebra look rug draped over furniture, surrounded by black furniture and accessories with a black dog on a rug

BBQ deep cleaning and maintenance checklist

Get your barbecue in tip-top shape with this guide to thorough cleaning and maintenance habits.

Matador 4 burner BBQ on a timber deck

How to repair broken ceramic with kintsugi

Dating back to the 15th century, kintsugi reflects the philosophy of embracing the flawed. Give your favourite ceramic pieces new life and meaning with this Japanese art project.

A cup, vase, and flower-patterned plate repaired with kintsugi techniques, each with a vein of gold running through

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