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assorted packing boxes and accessories

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Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Before you get started, get sorted. Wrap & Move in one go!

Make your next move a smooth one!

Wrap & Move makes moving a breeze, backed by quality products and the widest range. From packaging and furniture protection to trolleys and gliders, Wrap & Move has moving supplies sorted.
cardboard packing boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, pens laid out on the floor

Light duty cartons

Packing, shipping or storing items in cardboard cartons helps to keep them safe and free from damage. Wrap & Move light duty cartons can be used for moving or storage. Available in a range of sizes and pre-printed with space for room and contents notes to assist in an organised move. The Light Duty blue indicates a single cushion construction ideally suited for storage and transport of light to medium goods.
cardboard packing box and bubble wrap

Heavy duty cartons

Wrap & Move heavy duty storage cartons can be used for moving or storage. Pre-printed with space for room and contents notes to assist in an organised move. The heavy duty red indicates twin cushion walls that provide the best protection against impact from all 6 sides and is ideal for use for long-term storage with the best resistance to moisture and box sag.
cardboard packing box and bubble wrap

Moving bags

The economical, versatile and reusable moving bag. Made from a tough poly-woven material, with a strong, secure zip and stitched handles for lifting support. Wrap & Move moving bags are ideal for clothing, stuffed toys, pillows, manchester, shoes and more!
moving boxes and moving bags


New beginnings: wrapped

Whatever your packaging needs we have a number of wrapping options to your desired level of protection. Ideal for protection of fragile or heavy items, or use as void fill in your packed cartons.
small gift been placed in bubble wrap

Taping and labelling

Don't be a rookie mover

Designed to seal and secure your precious belongings, select from our range of packaging tapes, dispensers, labels and strapping to keep your things safe, so you can get on with more important things.
person taping up a moving boxes

Moving furniture

Move smarter, not harder

Wrap & Move has a solution to move all sorts of furniture, appliances and larger items. So whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, moving your most prized possessions has never been easier, or safer.
mattress protector over mattress with small pot plant sitting in the corner of the bedroom

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