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Open shelf with clothes and shoes.

Logo in teal and orange.

When life changes, so do your storage needs. The Home Solutions range is all about versatility. The double and single bracket system can be built, changed and re-arranged as much as you like. Add new shelves, drawers or accessories. Move it around or give it a makeover. Storage that’s simple, and adaptable.

Flexi Storage | Store it. Solve it.

Storage solutions to declutter your home, exclusive to Bunnings.

Don’t know where to put that? Flexi Storage offers simple, stylish storage solutions for every corner of your home. Easy to build, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. And they’re flexible, too. Perfect for home owners and renters alike. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a place to tuck that away, Flexi Storage sorts it for you.

Shelf on grey wall.

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Home Solutions planner

Plan before you shop

Shopping the Home Solutions single and double slot range is easy with the Home Solutions planner. Using a simple drag and drop interface, design a storage solution perfectly fitted to your space. Once complete, generate a shopping list so you know exactly what you need when you visit your local Bunnings.
Shelf inside wardrobe closet.

Home Solutions explained

Home Solutions double slot system

Where there's a wall, there's a way

The Home Solutions range is flexible enough to transform any space into stylish storage. Wardrobe, laundry, pantry, home office or bathroom – where there’s spare space, there’s a spot for Home Solutions.
Double slot shelf in white colour.

Home Solutions single slot system

Think outside the cupboard

The Home Solutions range is easy to build, easy to style and easy on the eyes. The customisable strip and bracket system is perfect for any wall space. And all it takes to build is two spare hands and a few simple tools.
Single slot shelf on wall.

Baskets and frames

Just add stuff

The Home Solutions baskets and frames range is perfect for storing clothes, books, toys, or anything else that needs to be tucked away and retrieved with ease. Spruce up your living room, bedrooms, office and entry way with our seriously customisable options.
Basket and frame kit.