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Tokomaru celebrate historic Matariki.
Bunnings was invited in June 2022 to participate in Ngā hapū o Tokomaru’s (Te Whānau a Ruataupare me Te Aotāwarirangi) historic celebration of Matariki.

This was the first time Matariki has been recognised as a national public holiday and Ngā hapū o Tokomaru wanted the community to have an authentic celebration of the new year. The event was acknowledged by mahinga kai (traditional food gathering), wānanga (learning assembly) and an Umu Kohukohu Whetū (an offering ceremony to the stars).

Whānau from all over New Zealand returned to the ākau (bay) for a three-day wānanga to grieve loved ones who passed over the past year, to celebrate the present, and to wānanga their hopes for the future.

This was also an opportunity to recognise those who had worked tirelessly to help the community following two catastrophic floods in recent years. Ngā hapū o Tokomaru invited the community to attend a hākari (feast) to celebrate the occasion.

Bunnings Team Members were honoured to attend the historic event, which was a celebration of the past, present and future of the ākau. The Team provided hands-on support, donated products to the kaupapa (event), and captured a record of the ceremony for generations that follow.