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The year is off to a roaring start for the industry. We’re seeing a rise in developments, innovations and sustainable building. In the April edition of the Trade Issue, we cover everything and the kitchen sink, from asbestos to Kiwi Build, to a sustainable house fast becoming famous for how it was built on an extraordinarily steep slope.

Trade Issue - Bunnings


Trade Issue follows the latest projects that our trade customers have been involved with.

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Trade Issue - Business Tips and Advice

Business Tips and Advice

Business tips and advice covers topics from health and safety to recruitment and training. Giving you all the information, you need to keep you covered.

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Trade Issue - Economy


With the economy playing a vital part in the building industry, we have all the new and relevant information to keep you in the know.

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Trade Issue - Sustainability


Energy efficiency and sustainability in the building industry is more than just a trend. We take a look at the latest technologies that are helping you achieve high ratings.

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