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Front of brick house painted grey, with green lawn and neat garden.

What is Smart Home Security?

Smart security devices make locking up, protecting your property and keeping an eye on your home easier – and more effective – than ever.

Smart security for your home

From remote surveillance to keyless entry, there's a smart security solution for every home.

1. Complete control at your fingertips

Control your smart security devices and use them to monitor your home remotely from your phone or tablet – wherever you are, and whenever you need to.

2. Less-effort locking

Set doors to automatically lock behind you as you leave for the day or at scheduled times. They’ll even unlock for you when you get back.

3. Flexible keyless access

Choose fingerprint-ID unlocking, assign multiple unique passcodes, or unlock doors remotely if your smart camera shows someone you’re expecting.

4. Proactive surveillance, 24/7

Receive notifications, record footage, watch real-time video feeds and engage in two-way chat via a smart camera or doorbell – all from your phone.

5. Improved records and tracking

View history of who’s entered/exited your home, and at what time – and even set your smart lock to detect and log forced entries.

Smart doorlock.

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