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Dining room and kitchen with pendant lighting.

Setup smart lights in your home

Control them from anywhere, change their colour, or even add music into the mix – smart lights take illuminating your indoor and outdoor spaces to a new level of convenience and customisation.

The smart way to light your home

There's more to smart lights than just switching on and off automatically. Here's why they're a clever choice for your home.

1. Complete control from anywhere

Control your smart lights remotely from your phone or tablet – wherever you are, and whenever you need to.

2. Timed and automatic on/off

You can set up your smart lights to turn on and off at the same time or at random intervals to make it look like you’re home, or you can even ease lights on to full brightness over half an hour.

3. All-in-one light and sound solution

Install smart speaker globes with built-in smart speakers to control your home audio and lighting with one handy, connected device.

4. Hues and colours for every mood

Choose pre-set “scenes” or control each light individually to set your preferred dimming levels and colours for the ideal feel.

Pendant globe lights in kitchen.

How to automate your home lighting

New to smart lighting? We’ll shed some light on how they work, how to install them and how they can make your life more convenient.
Living room with chair and lamp.

Next-level lighting with Philips Hue

More than just automated lighting, Philips Hue is a smart, customisable lighting solution that makes lighting your home easy and expressive.
Outside of house lit up by garden lights.

Get started

Smart security

Discover smart locks, cameras and more to help you keep an eye on things, even when you’re away.
Security camera

Smart home

Get familiar with the basics, see our most popular products, and find out how to get your home brilliantly connected.
Pressing a doorbell.
Please note: Our range of engineered stone products is no longer available. Our team members can help you with our wide range of alternatives to suit your project, and we're working closely with our suppliers to introduce new options soon.